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Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset -detail Unboxing cum Review

Last week, Xiaomi launched few new products. That is Mi Bluetooth Headset, Mi Yee Light Bedside Lamp and the Mi Router which looks like Mi Bunny. Seems like Xiaomi is expanding their ecosystem to everything related to our daily life ranging from Mi Band, Mi Scale, Mi Yi action camera up to Mi Phone, MI Tv, Mi Router, Mi Pad, Mi box and so on. Some products are not produced by Xiaomi directly but it's from their ecochain companies. However, don't worry as Xiaomi always maintain and have a strict quality control.

So this episode we will introduce a Mi Bluetooth Headset. Perhaps many of us having driving license and drive daily to work , what if your phone suddenly ring and a call from your boss/ mum/ girlfriend/ boyfriend? I am sure in most countries, you are not allowed to answer call or playing phone while driving. It's extremely dangerous to drive only with single hand, what if we have a bluetooth headset? Just a click to answer the call and both your hand will be steadily handle the steering.

There are a lot of bluetooth headset in the market, some even reach thousands ++ . How about Xiaomi Bluetooth Headset which only costs 79 Yuan? Cheap stuff are bad? Nope, let's have a look

This Mi Bluetooth Headset packed with the white box. This is totally different compared to the brown color box we normally receive our phone.

White color looks clean, neat and elegant.

Mi Bluetooth Headset is very light and easy to bring around. There are 2 colors to choose from that is black and white. For your info, the design of Mi Bluetooth Headset won the IF award from Germany which is similar to Oscar's award.

Until this stage some might wonder, Hmmm what if my white Mi Bluetooth Headset got dirty with stained? Xiaomi claimed that it can be easily cleaned just like Mi4i back cover as they are using Japan Technology on the paint. Let's carry out the experiment !

We wrote something on the Mi Bluetooth Headset as you can see. We used marker pen which is famous for its stubborn stain.

As you can see it's easily cleaned just using water and cloth/tissue. No one will know we actually wrote something on it before 

Mi Bluetooth Headset also did a research on the design of the earphone. The earphone is made with special silicon which do not have any weird odor. Besides that, the shape are chosen based on 2000 Asian's ear size. So it's very comfortable when you wear it.

On top of the Mi Bluetooth Headset is the switch which has a symbol of a phone. The bottom of it has a LED light which will blinking when connected.

Mi Bluetooth Headset using bluetooth 4.1 technology which support it to connect with 2 devices. If you have iphone and Android phone in the pocket, it will connect to the one which is ringing. The noise cancellation also great and reduce the noise in the environment and enhance human's voice.

How about the battery life? According to Xiaomi, it can lasts for 180 hours which is enough for 1 week usage. Besides that, It only took 2 hours to charge it to full battery stats as well.

One disadvantage of this Mi Bluetooth Headset the volume button was sacrificed for the appearance. Therefore you need to adjust it manually using your phone.

This is no doubt an another good product with affordable price by Xiaomi ecosystem company. So far this product was sold out in China. If you always have lots of calls to answer this would be a great choice for you !

Ps: No announcement on when it will release outside of China yet so do keep an eyes on your country Mi Facebook for more infos ! 

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