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Xiaomi Launches New Payment System With China Union Pay

China has the largest Smartphone market in the world, with 358 million people already paying for goods using their mobile device, according to the China Internet Network Information Center.  On 21th April, China Union Pay has officially announced that they are co-operating and working together with Xiaomi to introduce a brand new payment service. It is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Xiaomi that allow users to make payment by using Mi devices. With this service, the shopping experience would be greatly enhanced and the method of payment will be simplify and much more convenient.  With Mi Pay, you can now outing with your friends and family without carrying a lot of cash in your wallet.

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Lei Jun hopes to bring some new changes and innovation in entire manufacturing sector in China. He wants Xiaomi to lead and become the role model in this industry and change the negative-perspective of people towards made in China product. Therefore in Xiaomi we strive our best to produce high quality yet affordable product for our users to enjoy the fun of technology. We do believe that a good product will eventually become the ambassador or spoke-person for our brand. In Mi 5, we have brought back the forgotten technology: near field communication NFC which is one of the best way when dealing with mobile payment.

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