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NFC and mobile payments : Know More about Mi 5's NFC and Mi Band

Lei Jun hopes to bring some new changes and innovation in entire manufacturing sector in China. He wants Xiaomi to lead and become the role model in this industry and change the negative-perspective of people towards made in China product. Therefore in Xiaomi we strive our best to produce high quality yet affordable product for our users to enjoy the fun of technology. We do believe that a good product will eventually become the ambassador or spoke-person for our brand. In Mi 5, we have brought back the forgotten technology: near field communication NFC which is one of the best way when dealing with mobile payment.

NFC and mobile payments
After launching the payment application on your phone, the phone is tapped on the credit card terminal and a connection is made using NFC. At this point, you may be asked to scan your finger or enter a passcode to approve the transaction. For Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3 and Mi 5 users, here's another added value of fingerprint scanner. The transaction is then validated with a separate chip called the secure element (SE), which relays that authorization back to the NFC modem. From there, the payment finishes processing the same way it would in a traditional credit card swipe transaction.

Cool features of Mi 5's NFC and Mi Band

The main function of NFC is mobile payment and lets see what Mi 5 can do with NFC. Mi 5 can read, write card emulation and P2P. Lets focus more on mobile payment. After binding your band cards, you can now use your Mi 5 for payment in famous retailers such as Starbucks and KFC. Perhaps this is what we are going to see soon when Mi Pay goes online.

Read and write bus card
Now i would like to show you a very cool feature that's read and recharge your bus card in 3 steps. With Mi 5, you don't have to wake up early and queue up just to top up or recharge your bus card.

1) Turn on your NFC in Mi 5 and make sure the card you want to top up has NFC chip built in.

2) Place the card at the back of Mi 5 and we used wechat pay in this demo

3) Then you can see the balance of the card is shown on the screen, it's - ¥0.3  and there're 4 selections of amount can be choose for to top up.

4) Choose the amount you want to recharge, in this demo we topped up ¥10

5) Top up successfully and we are ready to go !

Use your Mi 5 as transportation card 

In some cities in China, NFC can be used even in transportation. Now you can go out with another card less ;) Lets take a look on the video. The app will show the details of your transaction and we do hope that this awesome feature will be available in more cities soon

Mi Band

In China, Mi Band can be used to verify the user’s identity as Mi Band can only be paired with one device. This service was introduced on last year and it supports Alipay and Mi Wallet. You can enable this function after you bind your Mi Band with the apps. Do note that you need to keep a distance of 15m between Mi band and your smartphone. Now you don’t have to key in the password and you can pay via your Mi Band. Another great reason for you to buy Mi Band ! Perhaps it's time to implement it into Mi Pay?

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