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Know all about Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Suite product

The Xiaomi Smart Home Set Review

I am luck to be selected as one of the 200 beta tester for this Xiaomi Smart Home Set. The set comes with the X-bulb as well.

The box seems to be much smaller than what I have expected.

Upon opening the box you can see the Mi bunny comic on how to Mi Bunny uses the Smart Home Set.

There are a total 5 items in this Smart home Set.

This is the main smart home controller.

This is the one click controller

This is the montion controller

Finally this is the window/door controller.

The instruction manual is simple and clearly explain to you how to install the app.

X-bulb is also included in this beta testing set.

The X-bulb has a lifespan of 25000 hours of usage.

Once you power up the main controller, there will be beautifuly voice requesting you to connect via the smart home app.

While connecting, the light will blink.

You have to ensure that you are on the same network with you cell phone before it connects successfully.

Once connected, the app will promte you to update to the latest firmware.

The update take about 5 mins to complete.

If you double click the controller power button it will turn into alarm mode which will indicate red color light.

Once you are in the app, all the rest of the sensors are connect automatically.

Clicking on the light button can turn on the light.

The first setup i did was to turn on the window sensor. This will allow me to automatically light up my room when I close the window. There can be several setup at the sametime, for example turning on the light and air purifier at the sametime whenever you close your window or door.

You can also tune the light of the main controller. It can customzied to fit your room and your favourite color.

This color fits into my room nicely!

The motion sensor can be used as a security system when it detects someone, it will sound the alarm and send you a notification.

I have chosen to place the one click controller to be infront of my door so I can activate the alarm system whenever I leave my house before work.

The motion sensor is palced right at the door step.

Notificaiton coming from the smart home app when alarm goes off.

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