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Unboxing & Review of Yeelight Bedside Lamp

Today we will bring you unboxing of another popular new gadget that is the Yeelight Bedside Lamp ! This bedside lamp is selling like hot cakes on China and out of stock very quickly ! Let me show you some proof

Yeelight Bedside Lamp was launched on 10th June which is one of product from Xiaomi's ecosystem. Previously i just showed the colors of the lamp. Today we are going to do a detail unboxing. Let's begin !

Recently, Xiaomi launched their product based on white as the main color. Yeelight Bedside Lamp is included in this trend too. White porcelain shade was used and white color can be easily match with other home furniture.

As you can see the base is made with Aluminium, it looks elegant and easy to hold. The coated aluminium also enhance heat dissipation and there is Yeelight logo at the middle of the base.

There are 2 buttons on top, one is the power button and the other one is entering the light mode which there are wide variety of colors for you to choose from.

The specification of Yeelight Bedside Lamp is printed at the bottom of the lamp. The rubber mat function as anti skid.

Not only the lamp is white, the plug also in white color and the bottom one is another Mi's ecosystem product Mi Power Strip.

Yeelight bedside lamp uses 14 Osram lamp beads as the primary light source which is powered by Philips Hue Series Intelligent light bulbs technology. The emission of light from the bottom structure produce an unique Yeelight bedside lamp optical experience.

Everyone has their own taste and favourite color. Some might like blue, some might like red and so on. With only one Yee Bedside Lamp, you can have up to 16 Million colors with own customized saturation and brightness.

Yeelight Bedside Lamp can be controlled and manageable by using an app. This is indeed a smart lamp  

Next, connect using bluetooth and login to your Mi account, then the app will starts to search for Yeelight Beside Lamp. The menu is situated at the bottom and there are few modes waiting for you to mix and match so that you create your own color.

Swipe up and down and you can adjust the brightess of the lamp and swipe left and right can change the color of the lamp

This is not color pencil guys ! You can choose colour you like from the gallery.

Lazy connect the lamp using phone? Don't worry, you can still control your lamp ! As i mentioned in the previous thread, there are certain gestures which has their own functions.Long press the power button will off the lamp, touch and slide on the edge will adjust the brightness. Then if you long press the light mode ( the button below the power button) will change the color of the lamp ! The short press on the light mode will bring you to different modes.

While doing all this you can imagine yourself as a magician

Yeelight Bedside Lamp is smart as you can set certain time to automatically on/off. Besides that, there is a smart mode where you can enable midnight feature. Just a simply tap on top of the lamp will wake the light up and you do not need to find the power button in the dark. Under midnight lamp mode, the lamp will eventually adjust the brightness according to the surrounding

Yeelight makes people want to stay awake and read more books !

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