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Xiaomi Updates its Radio Apps

Fellow MIUIers,

Never before that we have a major update for Radio since the beginning of MIUI 6. In this week's update, you'll be having a completely overhauled Radio app that not only supports your local FM but also online radio stations (Limited to Chinese services currently). With support for story-telling stations, music stations, news station and many more, MIUI is one step closer to be the most complete ROM around.

Introducing the New Radio App

Similar to other apps of MIUI that requires online services, you'll be prompted to accept a user agreement upon your first access to the app.

The main tab is a splash of grey and white, with several options should you wish to narrow down your preference.
(Currently the online radio browsing service is unavailable for international markets)

If you wish to visit radio stations you visited in the past, just swipe to the left to access your History and Favourites.

Maybe you just want to search a particular station? Just tap the Search icon in the top right corner and search away!

Did I say the original FM is still available? Just tap on "Use FM Radio" on the main tab to access it.

What do you think about this update? Does it have the potential to be better and maybe even replace other online radio apps you're using currently? Join in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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