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Whether your Mi devices are original or fake ? here is how to find guide !!!

ot of users are having trouble checking the authenticity of their devices.The problem is with the Chinese captcha on the webpage for checking the serial number. 
Xiaomi should change this captcha so that everyone will be able to check their devices' authenticity easily.
But, we can't wait until Xiaomi changes this, can we?
So, I have a little work around for you guys.
Here it comes:
Learn Chinese!  

Okay, okay. No more jokes. Here comes the real deal:

Step 1:

Fire up your browser and head to this web page:

Step 2:

Select the device for which you want to check the serial code.
We have four choices :
1. Mi phones
2. Mi pad
3. Mi powerbank
4. MI air purifier filter

Step 3:

Find your 20 digit serial code on the packaging that came with your device.
It might look like this:

Step 4:

Now enter the 20 digit serial code.

Step 5:

Now, we need to enter the captcha. But how? Here's the answer:
Write down the Chinese captcha on a paper.
Go to playstore and search for google translate and download the app.
Now change the source language to Chinese and destination language to any language.( This might not be necessary)


Press the handwriting button ( present at right side of mic button)


Now write the Chinese text using your hand.


On the top the Chinese text corresponding to your written text will be displayed.
Long press in that text field and select copy.
Open the Xiaomi's web page for checking the code and paste the captcha.
Press the orange button and you'll see if your product is genuine or not.

If you get a captcha error then try again.
Let's hope that your product is genuine.

It seems that there's a much simpler way of doing this:
Just go to:
There you can find the page in English with the captcha as basic math.
Thanks to our forum member @ Platinum6ix for the information.

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