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FAQ: all about Mi fit band

General Information
1. What Mi Band can offer?
Bracelet can track your moves, walked distance and burned calories, sleep quality and have built-in smart alarm. Smart alarm can wake you up in light sleep phase (Non-REM/N2 phase).
It can also vibrate when you receive incoming call (By default it's 20 seconds, you should pick 3 seconds as lowest value), as well as unlocking your phone without password.
There is tweaked application that can vibrate when you receive SMS or social network message, you can see download link upper.

2. Which devices support Mi Band?
Mi Band can be used with any phone/tablet running Android 4.3+ and Bluetooth 4.0.
100% supported SoC:
- MTK6589/M/T/W
- MTK6592/M/T/W
- MTK6595
- MTK6582/M
- Snapdragon 410
- Snapdragon 600
- Snapdragon 610
- Snapdragon 615
- Snapdragon 800
- Snapdragon 801
- Snapdragon 810

iOS application require iPhone 4S/5/5S/6/6+ with iOS: 7.1 / 8

3. How long bracelet can work from full charge?
Bracelet can hold its charge for 30-60 days! All depends on how you use it and which application you use. For example, notification version app can drain your battery faster.
With 1 alarm/day, mediocre calling vibration it can last for 30 days. Some cases were issued when users had faulty battery that lasts 2 days. If you occurred this issue - ask your seller to replace device.

4. Does it have any water protection?
Yes, Mi Band have IP67 secure that should protect from dust and water. You can use it while taking shower/bath, but I strongly recommend not to use it in water. Some users had water inside capsule after taking shower and batch. So just take off Mi Band while you take shower, keep your body clean!

5. Are there any other bracelet straps for Mi Band?
At this moment, there are different color rubber straps on sale, similar to one you have by default. There are 2 types of straps selling, official and fake, so take care choosing it.
Official one have "Designed by Xiaomi" text on strap and metal button. Xiaomi showed leather straps when presented Mi Band, but no one knows release date.

6. Can Mi Band work without syncing for some time?
Yes, since bracelet have built-in memory it can work some time, approx 10 days. By this time bracelet will gather all statistics and then send it to phone, where it gonna be upload to Xiaomi servers.
I would recommend you to sync bracelet with Mi Fit app at least once a day.

7. Does it have heartbeat monitor/NFC/GPS?

8. Can it work at cold winter times?
Yes. You will wear bracelet under cloth, so it will be in a warm place.

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