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MI band - How to use ?, How To do Connection, Application, registration, notification & use ful tips

Connection and bracelet search

1. Can I sync bracelet with PC?
Yes you can. To do that you need VirtualBox, Android 4.4 x86 image and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter that will work.
100% working BT4.0 adapters on CSR8510 chipset:
- Avantree BTDG-40-BLK
- CSR 4.0

Doesn't work:
- Broadcom BCM20702

2. Can I use Mi Band while using BT handsfree/headset/smartwatch?
Yes. BT 4.0 is multithreaded protocol so it can work with few devices at same time. However there was cases when handsfree loses connection upon connecting Mi Band. It depends on your handsfree device.

3. Can I use 2 Mi Bands on same phone?
No you can't. Bracelet works only with 1 Mi Account. You need pair second bracelet with different Mi Account.

4. I can't connect Mi Band. What should I do?
- Try to sync while doing "watch" gesture to view bracelet training progress.
- Try to sync while charging bracelet.
- Try to install oldest possible Mi Band app.
- Try to move away from any possible BT device that can be in range.

Application and Registration

1. What should I do if can't register account inside the app?
You can create account by visiting ->
If you can't receive SMS, use email registration.
Xiaomi forum users already have Mi account.

2. Can I sync Mi Band statistic with Google Fit/S Health/MyFitnessPal etc?
No. Mi Band only works with Mi Fit (Mi Band) application.

3. Are there any records, goals in app?
Yes, you can set your goal for daily activity and beat it by doing new records. Also you can share them.

4. Why there is hand selection in Mi Band settings?
This option created for correctly working "Watch" gesture to look for your progress.

5. How to see my progress on bracelet?
Make gesture like you are watching time on your watch. Do it intensively and precisely so it could correctly recognize gesture.
Here is example video:

6. I have "Neck" in hands menu selection. What's it for?
From what I see, there will be band straps for neck, to use it as necklace.

7. Application wakes up phone too much. What should I do?
To reduce waking attempts - install tweaked version without notifications, it have disabled Xiaomi Push service that usually wakes up phone.

8. Are there firmwares for bracelet?
Bracelet firmware updates within application updates. It's included in application and if there is new firmware, app will update it.
Make sure that bracelet charged by more than 5% and it's close to phone.

9. How to make my ID show nickname instead of numbers?
Log in to you Xiaomi account through website, click on Personal -> Change and fill in Name field.

10. Will my data lost if I'll delete application?
No. User data saves on Xiaomi servers, just before uninstalling app make sure to sync data.

11. Incorrect system time. How to fix?
Go to your phone time settings and change Time Zone to same one you have but with different city.
Example: GMT +2:00 Cairo to GMT +2:00 Helsinki, or GMT -6:00 Central America to GMT -6:00 Central Time. This is only if your Automatic time zone fail.

12. What does BLE Broadcast mean?
This is option for future Xiaomi Mi Scale product, which is basically a smart weight scale and in order to let it connect to your bracelet/app you need allow BLE connection.

13. Why Mi Fit app requires phone calling permission?
Don't worry. This is for HealthLink service, which mainly created for China. If you click to call, it will still ask for your permission.
Sleep well :)

Notifications and Social Networks

1. Can bracelet vibrate on receiving SMS / msg from social networks?
Yes, but for this you need install Tweaked Notify application.

2. What's the duration incoming call vibration? What should I do if vibration happen to late?
Bracelet vibrates 10 times when you receive incoming call. It will stop vibrate once you pick up call.
If you get vibration too late, go to Mi Band settings and click on Incoming Call menu, then choose 3 seconds delay. This is lowest value.

3. So what about Social Networks? How to make magic happen?
You can get vibration from everywhere you want i.e Facebook, Twitter, Google+, SMS. Just install tweaked notify version and follow notification guide from tweaked app topic.

4. Can I view other users statistic?
Yes, but you need install WeChat, which is Chinese social app.

Sleep tracking and Alarm

1. How bracelet tracks sleep?
Mi Band tracks your sleeping activity which depends on your body moving to determine the sleeping phase. Application contain sleep statistics, light/deep sleep and wake time.

2. Can alarm work without phone?
Yes. You just need synchronize alarm settings like regular data sync. Bracelet have it's own physical memory to contain all needed settings.

3. In which phase alarm will wake me up?
Bracelet will wake you up in light sleep phase, which is N2 phase (Non-REM sleep). In other words, Mi Band will try to wake you up after deep sleep phase when you prepared to go into light sleep phase to make you feel fresh after waking up.

4. How exactly bracelet wakes you up?
If you set regular alarm: Alarm will work at set time. Vibration duration: 5 times.
If you set smart alarm: Alarm will work in some period of 30 minutes, it depends on sleeping phase. Vibration duration: 5 times each 10 minutes, repeats 6 times.
To cancel vibration just tap few times on bracelet.

5. Can I change duration/intense of alarm vibration?

6. Can Mi Band track daily nap?
It can, but statistic supports only main night sleep. Alarm should work properly.

7. Can I look for previous sleep statistic?
You can only observe detailed statistic of current sleep. Application can only show you mediocre information about your previous sleep activity in text mode.

8. Can it track my sleep in plane/train/car?
No. Transport vibration will interfere collecting your body movement data.
Steps, running, exercises

1. How bracelet counts my steps?
Mi Band include three-axis accelerometer ADXL362, that basically reads all your movements. Depending on your height, approximate step length multiplies by step counts.
Result is pretty much accurate no matter if your hand is in pocket or not.

2. Bracelet does wrong step count!
Bracelet can add extra steps to your result depending whether you swing your hand or not. But this helps to calculate calories, which is important for daily statistics and your activity performance.
None of existing pedometers will show you 100% accurate result.

3. Can bracelet track bicycle movement?
At this moment - no. Fitness Center may get this feature soon.

4. Is there any inactivity notification?
No. But you can install/use extra alarms with Notify application and set vibration times.

5. Does it count steps while you driving?
Depends on road quality. Fitness Center may have driving feature soon.

6. Can bracelet count sit-ups/jumping rope exercises?
Yes. Fitness Center have Sit-up and Jumping rope exercises. Use Fitness Center in Mi Fit (Mi Band) application to track your training.

7. How Running Helper works?
Currently Running Helper works only in China due to limited maps support. So unless you are living in China I wouldn't even bother messing with Running Helper for now.

Useful tips

1. Charge your Mi Band from PC. Avoid using AC chargers.
2. While you are doing elliptical trainer, take off bracelet tracker and put it in your pocket or on your belt.
3. Bracelet designed for 24/7 body monitoring so do not take it off, unless you are doing shower/bath.
4. Do not discharge bracelet to 0%. Try to charge it when it goes to 5%.
5. If your bracelet "died" and can't sync/charge, try to put your bracelet tracker to refrigerator and keep it there for few days (But not in fridge, don't put it in negative zero place). Then try to charge it after warming it up.

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