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Should You Upgrade from Mi 3 to Mi 4 ?

Xioami has  unveiled Mi 4 as its latest flagship device on its 4th product launch held last July 22 last year & planing to India launch .
Users may be wondering what is the difference between the newly announced Mi 4 and its predecessor, Mi3; and what would be the advantage of having Mi 4 over the latter? I have made some comparison charts showing what are the things that have been upgraded from Mi 3 to Mi 4

Should You Upgrade from Mi 3 to Mi 4 ? lets compare 

NOTE:  The features highlighted in yellow are the upgrades and edges of Mi 4 over Mi 3

The very noticeable upgrade of Mi4 from Mi 3 is the inclusion of the 4G/LTE Capability. Users who missed LTE connectivity on Mi 3 should be happy to upgrade to Mi 4.

                In this category, whether what is better is very subjective. It's a plus for me for Xiaomi to reduce Mi4's length and height but retaining its 5 inch big screen. Mi 4 is a little heavier though because of the steel frame. It could be a plus or a minus depending on the user.

                There isn't much difference between the display specifications of Mi 4 and Mi 3. They have the same screen size, resolution, and pixel density. But according to Xiaomi, Mi4's display has a very high color gamut (84% of NTSC range) compared to Mi 3 so it will provide better color production and contrast compared to Mi 4. So ifyou are already amazed with Mi3's display, then you'll be more than happy to see Mi 4's.

From 2GB, Xiaomi has upgraded Mi4 to have 3GB of RAM. I can tell you that's a lot of RAM! Mi 4 is now very suitable for high level multi-taskers. Sad to say, Mi 4 still does not equip with an SD-Card slot just like its predecessor. However, 64GB variant of Mi 4 is also available.

                Xiaomi has finally included the LTE connectivity to Mi 4 which is not present on Mi 3. Mi 4 has finally an MHL support so it is not a hassle anymore to connect it to a bigger display. Also they included an infrared port for the Universal Remote feature of the Mi 4 which is becoming a trend on most flagship devices. More info about Infrared: Infra Red Emitter & Universal Remote
Update: NFC is not supported on Mi 4 because Lei Jun said that it is due to few users. link

Xiaomi has done a very big upgrade on its camera department. Mi 4 sports a Sony IMX214 13MP rear camera with ƒ/1.8aperture (Mi 3 has f/2.2 aperture, lesser the better). Mi 4 also natively supports real-time HDR and 4K video recording unlike Mi 3 that can only take 1080p videos without the real-time HDR rendering. And good news for selfie addicts! From 2MP of Mi 3, Xiaomi has upgraded their front camera with a whooping 8MP Sony IMX219 sensor. It's in deed a very big upgrade!

Mi4 will be running MIUI V6 out of the box. Mi 4 uses I higher clocked Snapdragon 801 processor. Meaning, it should perform faster with its predecessor. If you have already experienced using Mi3 then expect a more beastly power from Mi 4 ! The sensors included inside Mi 3 are already complete so there are no more sensors to add to Mi 4. 

To sum up, these are the upgrades of Mi 4 from Mi 3:
  • Snapdragon 801 Processor
  • 3GB Ram
  • LTE Connectivity
  • Sony IMX214 13MP rear camera
  • Sony IMX219 8MP front camera
  • Infra-Red Emitter
  • MHL Support
  • Better display color
  • A more compact design

Are you going to buy Mi 3? Or Will you wait until Mi 4 LTE to become available? Or if you are from Mi 3? Would you do the upgrade? Share your thoughts!

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