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List of online website that SELL FAKE Mi4's

Hello dear MIUIers, you all love MIUI and certainly would love to own a Mi 4, but sadly some individuals only sell cheapfake phones.
As we're having more and more cases every single day, we decided to collect all the online-shops which provided you fake devices, so it won't happen to anyone again.

If you were scammed by someone and have now a fake Mi4 handset, please reply with a link to the shop where you bought your device, so that we can include it in our list.

Please do not post any links to shops which sell genuine devices, as this is seen as Advertising by the forum rules and will have to be removed.

The following list contains online-shops, which have been CONFIRMED TO SELL FAKE Mi4's!!!

DO NOT buy from there and AVOID them!

List of the places where you SHOULD NOT buy from:


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