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Xiaomi - Smart Running Shoes Review and Pics

Xiaomi - Li Ning Smart Running Shoes

We review the joint venture of Xiaomi and Li Ning for the latest Smart Running Shoes.

With Xiaomi leading the way to manufacture the smartchip inside the shoes and Li Ning doing what they do best, making great shoes. They dynamic duo is set to capture the hearts of runners of any ages.

Paired to Mi Fit app, this shoes can track how far you have ran and also it also have a pedometer to count your steps as well. This smartchip is disposable once it hits 800 KM.

There are two types, the Premium sold at 399 RMB has better cushion and better overall appearance and the Light sold at 199 RMB featherweight and easy on the sole while running.

There are There are so many designs to choose from, check the gallery below for all the great designs thats available to purchase.


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