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Mi 4 with miuiOS 6 - view in Picture

MIUI 6 has been announced at 798 Art Zone, Beijing on Aug 16, 2014. Brand-new style. User interface of MIUI 6 is stunning and simple. And now I am trying it on my white Xiaomi Mi 4.

Lock Screen & Home Screen: Not just simpler.

Compared to the lock screen of V5 (slide down to select different functions), MIUI 6 is simpler. Just slide upward to unlock your screen.

Time display moved to the left upper corner of the lock screen.

App icons become more "flat". Again, simpler.

To make sure that the icons will still be recognized effortlessly, MIUI 6 also adopts a new Blur style for wallpaper.

Multi-taksing background. Card v.s. icons, which one do you prefer?

Both exist in MIUI 6. By simply pinching in the interface, you can switch between both.

Re-designed widgets.

Circle & Line

Talking about design elements of MIUI 6, circle and line cannot be missed. In MIUI 6, most contents are displayed in circles and lines.

Most interfaces of MIUI 6 are in light gray backgrounds. Icons are in circles.

Notification bar is simplified. Blur background, single line. 

Round buttons also exist in camera app.


Stock apps use immersed design, improving user experience.

The details

Interactive animations.


So, MIUIers, which one do you want?

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