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How to root Xiaomi Mi Pad

This simple step-by-step guide is about how to root the Developer ROM or Stable ROM of your Mi Pad by only using the stock MI-Recovery. There is another guide which describes how this can be achieved by using the tool VRoot via USB connection from a PC, but I do not like installing a software on my PC about which I do not know with 99% certainty what else (besides rooting) it might be doing. 


  • Mi Pad with Stock MI-Recovery 2.0.1
  • file (attached)

    Hidden content (1.93 MB, Downloads: 5445)


  • Download the file (according to my experience the download via browser on phone/tablet often is not working properly or results in a corrupt zip file, thus I would advice to download it using your PC)
  • Copy the file to the root folder of the internal storage ('Computer\MI PAD\Internal storage'  in case of a USB connection to a PC, mind that this is NOT the root folder of your SD Card) like shown in the below picture on PC and on your Mi Pad: 

  • Boot your Mi Pad into MI-Recovery:

    i) Long press the Power button and select & confirm Reboot


    ii) Immediately after the white turning circle disappears press the Volume Up button and keep it pressed 

    iii) Your Mi Pad will boot and show the MI logo, you can now release the power button

    iv) The MI-Recovery will be shown, you navigate up and down using the Volume buttons and select with the Power button
  • In the MI-Recovery navigate to 'English' and select the entry
  • Select'Install to System One' and confirm with YES. The progress bar is increasing during the installation, don't get afraid if it gets shortly stuck at 98%

  • After you got the green 'Update complete!' message select Back
  • Select and confirm 'Reboot', in the next menu select 'Reboot to System One (latest)'
  • After the reboot has finished, start the new app SuperSU and check that it works properly by launching an app which requests root permission (like Titanium Backup) and confirm the Superuser request with Grant

  • Enjoy your rooted Mi Pad

Important:So far my experience is that after each OTA update you will need to apply root again, thus keep file in the internal storage (if you install other zip files via recovery simply rename it).


This is a safe process, 
but I am not responsible for anything bad 
that happens to your tablet.

Credits go to Chainfire for his app SuperSU

Orignal Post: miuiForum

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