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How to Bring A Dead Redmi 2 / Hongmi 2 Back To Life

This tutorial will teach you how to restore your Redmi 2 to a perfectly working state when you soft brick your device.

A soft brick may be a result of flashing the wrong ROM, wrong recovery image or accidently messing with system files which should have been left alone. And a soft brick does not require you to head over to the service center because you can fix it in under an hour. So without wasting much time, lets get on with the tutorial.


  • Download and install Mi Flash tool.
  • Download and extract the fastboot ROM to a folder on your D drive. Do not extract to desktop. For example extract to D:/Xiaomi/ folder.
  • Open MIflash Tool, click on browse button.
  • Select Advanced.
  • Select ONLY "FLASH ALL.BAT" (for complete new system) or "Except DATA STORAGE.BAT" (for saving the user DATA) ---[ BETTER DO FLASH ALL ] from the extracted FASTBOOT ROM , in FASTBOOT SCRIPT OPTION.
  • Now leave the second option BLANK [ Nv boot script ]
  • Now browse and select proper files from image inside fastboot rom folder folder for MSIMAGE.MBN , MPRG.MBN , RAW0 programming.XML and Patch0.xml in appropriate options
  • now browse and select proper files from image inside fastboot rom folder folder for MSIMAGE.MBN , MPRG.MBN , RAW0 programming.XML and Patch0.xml in appropriate options.
  • Turn on your Phone in Fastboot mode. To do that, press power + volume down button.
  • Connect the device to pc via the USB cable.
  • Drivers will install , let them finish
  • Press refresh On Mi flash , if you get a device as anything "0" or "324ehvh2" or just COM # --- JUST PRESS FLASH BUTTON
  • The phone is now being flashed , after operation completed, connect the battery if you had removed it, assemble phone and boot (if mi logo come your phone is fixed )(if battery discharged it will not boot - put it on charge if red led blinks - it means phone fixed)
  • If some driver fails during installation or you dont see any device on miflash , check device manager for any driver not installed properly and install it manually and browse the driver from /programfile/xiaomi/miflash/qualcomm/ "here" .
  • If miflash gives some error like reached end of fie, receive Hello packets, give the pc a reboot , but be sure to again press f8 and disable driver verification. Is still problem persists, do try another pc running XP or windows 7.
  • If you face any problem with driver installation - make sure you disabled driver signature detection while booting windows by pressing F8.
  • If problems persists try contacting me ;)

Visual Guide for the Mi Flash Operations:
  • Select the appropriate options as mentioned in this image and leave the Nv Boot Script option Blank- 

  • Click on browse and select the appropriate files for options selected from where you have extracted your ROM. 

  • Now connect your Device. Drivers would install. Once installation is complete. Click on refresh. You should get a device.

  • Click on "Flash". Your device will get flashed with the new Fastboot ROM and voila you have fixed your device. If you had removed the battery, connect it back. Turn on your phone. In some cases battery may be drained, so give your phone a good charge. 

Note: Credits for this thread go to me. And to our admin @meredithhan for her help. To view the download links, you need to comment to this thread. I hope you will not mind spending a few seconds on that. Feedback and criticism is welcomed. Don't forget to rate if you like this article.

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