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Mi Box - Unboxing & Review

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          Being inspired by many great reviews from Xiaomi Geeks and excellent device reviewers in this forum, I would like to start my first ever unboxing review on one of my Mi gadgets —— Mi Box. For your information, I won a Mi Box in the Contest for Most Helpful Device Team Member. I would take this opportunity to thanks all who voted for me in this contest. I promise I will give my best in this new year!

          Let's stop the chatter and start the review. The Mi Box is packed in a neat recycled paper box. I really love how Xiaomi done their packaging on their products. Simple yet beautiful. They use the cheapest material, which is recycled paper to make their boxes. Hence it makes sense that the overall cost for Xiaomi products are always lower than others. On top of that, my gifts also come with a sky blue Remote Control sleeve for the Mi Box. It looks really nice. Hope it looks good with my remote control as well. 

Specifications - In Details

          As it is imported from China, all the descriptions are in Chinese (duh). This is the latest Mi Box Enhanced version, which is launched around October 2014. The one I got here has 1GB RAM and 4GB built-in memory. On the back of the box, it states that Mi Box Enhanced is integrated with 2.0 GHz Quad-core A9 CPU Processor, along with 6+2 Cores Graphic Processor. With this powerful computing capabilities, we can easily play stunning HD videos and super cool 3D games.

          Meanwhile, its HDMI output provides Ultra HD 4K resolution (3840 x 2160), which is four times sharpness of 1080p (Full HD). It also supports latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi and dual-frequency 2.4GHz/5GHz. Other specifications for this Mi Box Enhanced are bluetooth 4.0, Micro SD card slot, standard USB port and DTS.

          According to the Official Xiaomi Website, it can supports up to 64GB of SD card, which is pretty large size for me as I seldom watch videos or movies. Maybe Mi Box might change my daily life schedules. Besides that, it has an Operating System of Android 4.4 which authenticated by Google CTS.

Unboxing - First Impression

          Let's open it up and see what's inside. I was surprised to see a black sponge underneath the top cover of the box. It is obviously used to reduce the impact of Mi Box during shipment. I must say it is a very attentive design. Big thumb up for Xiaomi packaging design again! 

          Mi Box has a very beautiful and neat design on its top. Smooth and shiny black. At its bottom is designed with a shape that make it stable on below. You can notice a MI logo and product barcode on its bottom as well.

Accessories - Walkthrough 

          Taking out the Mi Box along with its cardboard below, we can see four items there. A detailed manual guide, remote control, adapter and HDMI cable.

          The manual guide is all in Chinese words. Luckily I'm Chinese literate, so this manual will be helpful for me. The items included in this Mi Box are listed on the manual as well.

          The remote control has a simple design on its key buttons, give people a comfy feel even before holding it. At the back of it is sticked with words saying "Please take off the battery case and remove the plastic paper to use it".

          This adapter has socket type for China, which is not suitable for Malaysia socket here. I need a universal plug to power up the Mi Box through this adapter.

          The HDMI cable is packed neatly with a simple plastic cover around it and protective covers on both port. Can't deny that Xiaomi is really good and attentive in protecting their gadget and provide customers with quality products.

          So the first thing I do after taking out the Mi Box accessories is dressing up my remote control! I must say this dress of remote control is a bit tight, either this remote needs to go for diet, or the dress is just a slim fit size. 

          Frankly speaking, the sleeve looks ugly on it. So I took it out again and put back on its "invisible" dress. Original always looks better, don't you agree? 

Verdict - Mi Box Rulez!

          That's all for my unboxing review. In short, Xiaomi Mi Box has a very compact design with features that more than its size. It also packed with necessary accessories that can unleash its awesome features. Since I need to get a universal plug for powering up my Mi Box, I'll do another thread for the review on how to use it and what can we use it for. Thanks for spending your time reading my review and hope you enjoyed it!


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