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Battery saving tips for Mi Phones

Regarding battery consumption, there will always be a fundamental rule to follow:
what runs in the background always counts as consumption. There are wakelocks (read about it on Google...but basically they are just apps that run in the background, usually due to OS functions) that run even when the screen is shut down. Good examples would be Facebook, Xiaomi services, and a lot more.

Now, being a proud Mi user coming from a Nexus device, it is helpful to be aware of the following:

Rooting (already accessible through Permissions when you are on a developer ROM) is the right to have your phone open to applications that are initially restricted by Xiaomi. However, what is good about Xiaomi is that it permits you to have your phone rooted without being guilty about warranty void (thus the dev roms)
Rooting your phone will save your battery life 3x as much if done correctly.Some great apps would be: Greenify (very very helpful!), Titanium Backup (to freeze apps and bloatware), and CPU TUNER (Not sure if this works at the moment; but this is at kernel level saving for the battery buffs)

Now I am aware that probably most of us wouldn't like to have our phone rooted at all costs or just simply want to stick to STABLE ROMs...that's fine and don't worry about it. It might not be as effective as having a rooted phone, but these tips will definitely help save your battery:

- Turn off location services when not in use
- Turn off sync services when not in use
- Always put your phone on conserve mode 
- Try to play with the battery management feature if you are a heavy user
Good practice: let your phone discharge til 20% then charge only until 95%. (this does not save battery juice, but rather saves the battery cycles that you can have at your disposal)
- Battery calibration: how it helps you to not be too obsessive compulsive about battery drain
- Regularly use the CLEANER side by side Greenify (update: it works sorta like the root version already). (long press left button of the home button then press the broom icon; on MIUI 6, one press of the left button will take you there)

I will update this once I find new things to share. Below are my Screen On Time stats with remaining 42% juice when I had my MIUI V5 4.8.15 before. (NOTE: I have been watching a lot of movies with this, perform mode on/pff, playing Crazy Taxi, and of course Facebook with push notifs on to see if people from mi ph is posting new and more of the interesting stuff) . Thanks Mi

Other tips:

- Try to use 2G when you are not using your mobile internet

** For MIUI V5 - there is a toggle that you can press to switch from 2G to 3G

** For MIUI V6 - easiest way to access it is through holding down the "Data" toggle till you reach the mobile network menu

- Got this from the Xiaomi Mi 3 PH Facebook group; use at your own risk!

** The SECURITY apps for MIUI 6 (I don't know if MIUI 5 has this as well) apparently have auto-update features
*** Press the upper-right gear icon located on the main menu of the SECURITY app -> Go to RULES SETTINGS -> press Cleaner then disable "Auto update" -> press Antivirus then disable "Update automatically"

- Using SDMaid or TitaniumBackup to freeze system apps/components/apps in general is a must-try for those of you who really want to save juice. Search the net for safe apps to freeze or simply choose apps available in your drawer like MiCloud (when not in use) to freeze. This also helps performance (try it out with Antutu) 

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