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Xiaomi iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor

Xiaomi earlier launched 'Mi Band", a fitness wearable device and now it launched its first ever healthcare product, a smart blood pressure monitor. The sphygmomanometer, or blood pressure cuff, and accompanying phone dock was made in partnership with US-based iHealth Labs.

iHealth, a personal health management brand from Silicon Valley, has launched the world's first mobile smart sphygmomanometer. It has a full range of blood pressure monitors in the United States Apple store and Apple online store. Previously, iHealth was only available to smart phones via Apple.

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitor intelligent cloud is very simple to use. Users merely download the iHealth App to their Xiaomi phone, plug the phone to the supplied dock and the App will automatically open. Put on the cuff, tap on "Start measurement", sit back, relax and the blood pressure measurement will be measured.

In addition, the product also offers cloud synchronization. As long as the phone is connected to the network, the measurement results will automatically sync to the cloud. The results can also be shared with family and friends.


  • Easy to use.
  • Meets all the necessary professional medical standards and certifications.
  • The app, customized for Xiaomi, tracks blood pressure, heart rate, average pulse and provides recommendations for improvement.

The latest iHealth and Xiaomi collaboration has finally arriving at the 
online store at a price of 199 RMB (33 USD).

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