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Xiaomi in the Last 5 Years Journey

Five years ago on 6th April 2010, there was a company founded with only 14 people in Beijing. Take a guess on what company is that? I think every Mi Fans know that answer very well that is our beloved company Mi.

2015 - 2010 = 5 years.

I am sure everyone know how to solve this simple maths. 5 years is not consider a very long or short period but it's certainly a short period for a company to have a value of 45 billion dollar in 5 years time.

Here are some Xiaomi's throwback in 5 years

2010-2015 MIUI & Mi Phone Evolvement
2010: MIUI was born  (up to recent statistics,there are 150 million MIUI users across the world now !)You and I made this happen!

2011 : The very first Xiaomi's device. Mi 1 !

Lei Jun used Mi 1 and made a first call out.

2012  : Mi 1S, Mi 2 and Mi Box was launched !

2013: MIUI V5、Redmi, Mi3 and Mi TV !

2014 : Redmi Note,Mi Router,Mi Router Mini,Mi Pad,Mi Tv 2,Mi 4,Mi Band, Redmi 2,Xiaoyi camera,Mi Smart Socket,Yeelight Smart bulb,Mi Air Purifier...................

2015 : Mi Note,Mi Box Mini,Mi Action Camera,Mi Smart Weight Scale,Redmi 2A.........................

Besides those devices or gadgets which could be seen and hold, Xiaomi actually collaborate with lots providers to provide the best service for Mi Fans. For example Xiaomi partnered with 100+ video providers which make Mi TV content is the richest in China.

In 5 years time, Xiaomi managed to expand greatly software to hardware. from their first product MIUI to Mi phones, Mi Pad, Mi Tv, Mi Router, Mi Band, Mi Air Purifier. The products mentioned above we categorise them as hardware, then software we also have Xiaomi's shadow such as Duo Kan, Mi Themes, Mi Wallet and Mi Cloud. Perhaps you might say i am not a Mi fan, but products you are holding or using might come from Xiaomi such as Mi Power Bank which charge your Iphone or even Duo Kan app which you use to read e-books.

Copycat of Xiaomi
In 5 years time, from no one to someone. Nowadays Xiaomi is a threat for some big companies but at the same time a role model to follow and learn for some smaller companies. There are manufacturers out there are trying to imitate Xiaomi's model too. (Please focus the phones and not the girls ). But please don't buy them.  

2010-2015 Our Beloved Lei Jun

In 5 years time, the founder Lei Jun also has some changes. Is it positive or negative? Lets scroll down.

The first photo was 5 years ago where he just founded Xiaomi. He had Xiaomi (Mi porridge) together with the founders. I am sure if he wears like this and walking on a street you guys would not recognize him !

He combed his hair and wear a coat as he featured in a magazine ! Handsome isn't it?

This is the recent photo taken by him in conjunction with the lauching of Mi Note.

I will show you more nostalgia photos of Lei Jun with the founders

There would be many changes in coming 5 years, 10 or 15 years. But what does not change is the passion of Xiaomi to produce good and affordable products so that everyone enjoy the fun of technology. Lei Jun said
Xiaomi is a new company therefore we have to constantly improving ourself or else we will be eliminated. No doubt the smartphone industry in China has some drastic changes. The quality of China phones are getting better and better.The negative image of made in China phones are now slowly but surely turn to postive.

We are facing competition locally and globally. Under this circumstances we should maintain our promise that is always use high quality products, believe our users, listen and make friend with them. By following these principals i am confident that Xiaomi's dream will come true one day!

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