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MIUI Official Site: The First Iteration MIUI 3 Till MIUI 7,

We've all be visiting the MIUI Official Site for quite some time and, like the software MIUI ROM itself, this forum have been getting homepage UI changes for quite a few times already. Users from the past year (since before August 2014), would have witnessed three changes already, from MIUI 5 to MIUI 6 and now MIUI 7. How about we time-travel a little and check out the former forms of MIUI Official Site?

The first generation of MIUI Official Site, established at the times of MIUI 3. Back then there was no forums capabilities, it's just a homepage

Theme capabilities were first added in MIUI 3, here's a different lockscreen style shown on the home page.

A year later, after the launch of MIUI 4, a new UI was made with a much simpler user interface. Notice that the addition of forums?

Right at the beginning of year 2013, MIUI reached an impressive milestone of 10 Million Users worldwide, celebrated with the MIUILove Campaign which actually donates money based on a celebratory theme's download count.

MIUI 5 was launched back in March 2013, and thus a new UI was introduced with the launch. Know why the Mi 2 was chosen to depict MIUI 5? That's because both of them were launched at the same time.

A complete departure from the skeuomorphism to a vibrant flat MIUI 6, last year's UI revamp brought popping colours to the site homepage.

MIUI 7, the first truly global-intended MIUI launch, have brought simplicity and functionality to a whole new level. So is with the forums. This is basically what you'll see everytime you access MIUI's official website nowadays.

Every highlight, available to read right from the homepage.

What do you think about the UI changes over the years? Which UI is the most appealing to you? Join in the poll below and share your views down in the comments section!

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