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REdMI 1 S Updated to JHCMIBL50.0 (Global) Changelog & Download

Redmi 1S Stable Version JHCMIBL50.0 (Global) Download
MIUI ROM Flashing Guide for Redmi 1S:

Redmi 1S Stable Version JHCMIBL50.0 (Global) Changelog
Optimization - MIUI system font (12-19)

Fix - App might FC when using big font (09-24)

Optimization - Mails integration in non-Chinese context (09-02)
Fix - Time display error in mails list (09-02)
Fix - Sometimes, log into more than one accounts would cause FC (09-02)
Fix - Downloaded attachments displayed as 0B when forwarding mails (09-02)
Fix - IMAP accounts' sync frequency could not be set as never (09-02)
Fix - Attachments number display wrongly when attachments reached the maximum number (09-02)
Fix - Sometimes, app would FC in entering after changing system language (09-02)
Fix - Meetings time displayed wrongly when viewing in Calendar (09-02)

Fix - Could not set events created from messages to whole day (09-02)

[Mi Cloud]
Optimization - Internet request when syncing messages (12-19)


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