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All About Xiaomi Mi 4, price, spec, hardwware, issues, porblem and solution

This Post comprises of questions that are related to Mi4 (Indian Version).

Q: How many models of Mi4 are there?
A: There're two models of Mi4 - 16GB and 64GB internal storage variant. Alsothere're three kinds of network - WCDMA (for international users) and TD-LTE((for Chinese users only).

Q: How much will it cost and How to Buy?
A: It will cost you Rs 19,999 (16 GB). Buying is Simple, they conduct Flash sales on tuesday. Registration is must and 1 Device for one account.

Q: Can I use 4G/LTE network on Mi4?
A: Mi4 4G/LTE version is not available in India for now.

Q: How to buy Mi4?
A: Currently, Mi4 is only available through FlipKart Official and Xiaomi's Channel

Q: Which Mi4 variant is available in India?
A: In India WCDMA with 16GB internal storage variant is available as confirmed by Hugo Sir and Jai Mani Sir. We have news that 64 GB variant might also come to India in near future. Link:

Q: How many colours of Mi4 are available?
A: Currently only white version is available. It is not confirmed whether there will be other colours.

Q: What is the USSD code for Hardware test or detect if their is some kind of hardware problem ?
A: *#*#6484#*#*

Q:What is the difference of WCDMA version, CDMA version and TD-SCDMA version?
A: WCDMA/CDMA/SCDMA are different 3G network standards. TD-SCDMA is for Chinese users only. Most international users need to choose WCDMA version, depending on the network of your carrier. Indian version has WCDMA.

Q: Does Mi4 support OTG?
A: Yes, Mi4 supports OTG function.If you are trying to connect pendrive do check it's on FAT 32 format.

Q: How much is the Ram avaliable on the first boot?
A:Ram avaliable is 2100Mb, you can say a little more then 2 gigs.

Q: Where is the other Ram Being Used?
A: It's been used by system app and apps which are running in background.

Q: Why My RAM decreases to 400Mb?
A: That is due to MIUI skin it provides you with alot of helping apps. A simple reboot can help you in refreshing your ram memory.

Q: Does Mi4 has background light for key navigation?
A: Yes .

Q: What about IMEI no.?
A:You can Find IMEI no. on your Box. However if you can't carry your box *#06# is the universal way.

Q: Why does Mi4 heat during heavy operation?
A: For a device running on SD 801 with clockspeed of 2 GHz it's normal. You can say Mi4 back becomes a little warm and the metallic part of it. Mainly we can notice this while playing games or even while benchmarking using apps like Antutu benchmark etc.

Q: Which MIUI and Android version does Mi4 Indian variant provide out of the box?
A: Mi4 Indian variant sports MIUI V6 alongwith Android v4.4 (Kikat) OS.
Q: How to identify fake Mi4 Note?
A: You can check IMEI code & S/N code or MIUI Rom. For more details, please check here.

Q: Is there any offical developer ROM (weekly update) for Mi4? How long doesit take for stable ROM to update?
A: There is a developer ROM version available for Mi4. Kindly refer this link: Usually it takes 1 to 2 months for Stable ROM to update. You can get update via OTA (when receiving notification) and find full changelog in the forum.

Q: Is there any phone manager (PCsuite) for Mi4 for my desktop/laptop? A: Yes. It is available and you can download it from here Note: A newer PC suite is under beta testing which supports multiple languages. You can refer to this thread

Q: How to download large app from Google Playstore using data?

Q: How do I disable vibration on keyboard touch?

Q: How to apply and delete MIUI Themes?

Q: How good are the snaps captured with rear cam of Mi4?

Q: How to setup IR blaster on my Mi4?
A: IR Blaster English app link:
     Setting up IR blaster:
Q: How to enable Developer options and turn on USB-Debugging?
A: Link:

Q: How to root Mi4?
A: Tutorial provided by forum members: (All credit goes to original author)
     Link is in Chinese sub forum:

Q: How to install custom recovery on Mi4 via fastboot?
A: Check here:

Q: How to make your Mi4 alive from dead state/boot stuck stage?
A: Check here:

Q: What to do if I encounter bug(s) of Mi4? 
A: You can check if your bug(s) have been reported here. If not, you can report your bug(s) here.

Q: How can I install Google Apps on my Mi4?
A: It will be already installed however if you need at later stage. Check here:
Q: How to flash Mi4?
A: Flashing Guide:

Q: When i will Kernel Source of Mi4 release?
A: We need to wait as told by Hugo and Jai sir before the date set is Q1. As Mi3 and Mi4 are based on same sources.
Q: How to buy Xiaomi products & identify fake ones? (Mi3, Redmi, Power bank)
A. Kindly refer to this thread:


Q: What Rom is Preloaded on My Mi4 i got from Flipkart?
A: MIUI 6 Global ROM.

Q: Push Notification not working?
A: Make sure you set Whatsapp as auto start in the permission tab. (this applies to all messaging app which you want it to run on background) Still doesn't works ? Pin and lock the apps on Recent apps tray.

Q: How can I Flash Fastboot ROM ?
A: The tool we use is MI FLASH TOOL and the tutorial is here

Q: Whatsapp + Not working?
A: That is before the cleaner cleans your backup file ones you uninstall WHATSAPP make sure you click on no when the Cleaning message pops up.

Q: Enable Developer Option?
A: Tap on MIUI Version. Go to Settings > About Phones > MIUI version until it says You're a developer 

Q: How to enable USB Debugging ?
A: Setting > AdditionalSettings > Developer Option > USB debugging .Slide RIGHT.

Q: Can I backup My DATA ?
A: MIUI has got it's own Back up app and it's even better on MIUI 6!
Steps to be Followed
Settings > Additional Settings > Backup & Reset > Local Backups  > Backup [ Here you ca select what you want to back up ie. SYSTEM, Apps, Accounts & Contacts ]

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