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REDMI 1 S Vs REDMI 2: Who is best ??

On the 4th of January 2015, the all new RedMi 2 was debuted with a smaller chassis, clearer display and more powerful specs. Immediately the talk of the town after it's announcement, people will ask: "How different is the RedMi 2 from it's predecessors, namely RedMi 1 & 1s, in terms of looks and hardware?" 

1. Dimensions & Weight

Compared to previous models, the RedMi 2 has a smaller chassis, 134 x 67.2 x 9.4mm as compared to the previous 137 x 69 x 9.9mm, and lighter weight of 133g instead of 158g. On hands experience is much better with the RedMi 2 as it's size and weight are just perfect for gripping and one-handed operations.

2. Back Cover Material

The greatest difference in feel while holding the devices is that RedMi 2 uses a sandpaper texture for it's back cover instead of the high shine glossy one in previous models. This specially treated back cover not only provides a better grip but also helps prevent fingerprint stains. Multi-coloured back covers are also available for purchase.

3. Dual SIM 4G

During the introduction of RedMi phones, its Dual SIM features are widely accepted but was replaced by single SIM slot when RedMi 1S gets a 4G upgrade. In RedMi 2, the Dual SIM feature makes a comeback and supports both TDD-LTE and FDD-LTE with both SIM card slots.

4. Bigger Battery

Thanks to the high efficiency and low power consumption of MIUI, RedMi phones perform extraordinarily in terms of battery life. With the all new RedMi 2, the battery capacity is bumped up by 200mAH to provide an even more impressive battery life.

5. OGS Screen

RedMi 2 utilises the One Glass Solutions technology for it's screen, effectively increasing it's clarity and light permeability. Compared to the RedMi 1 & 1s, the screen shows a deeper and clearer black with the screen turned off besides offering a better contrast while under the sunlight.

6. All New Navigation Buttons

The new navigation button design exists since the Xiaomi Mi4 and RedMi Note, now the RedMi 2 uses the same design that is not only simpler but also more aesthetic.

7. Upgraded Front Facing Camera

To satisfy the needs of many for taking better selfies, the front facing camera of RedMi 2 is improved to a 2MP unit with the second generation 36 stage Smart Beautification that beautifies selfies according to age and gender, producing better selfies.

8. 64-bit CPU

RedMi 2 uses a brand new 64-bit capable Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 based on Cortex A53 architectures that provides 50% more processing speed and power.

9. MIUI 6

The one aspect that determines the usability and vibrancy of the RedMi 2, is the MIUI 6 ROM that runs at it's very heart. Compared to MIUI 5 in previous RedMi phones, MIUI 6 on RedMi 2 provides a flatter and simpler user interface with better optimizations.

Source: MIUI Geek Show

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