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TOP 8 Info about Redmi Note Before You Buy One!!

1. Specifications

Tables above show all the specifications you need to know about Redmi Note 3G. It is Xiaomi first phablet (phone + tablet) that was launched in China from March 26, and 10 millions of it has been shipped out to local and global in weeks ago! We can easily see that it has a very high demand from users all over the world with its incredible sale! This 5.5 inches phone might be large for some people, yet it gives satisfactory for photography geeks, social media lover, and almost all hardcore gamer in term of performance and price!

This is the official introduction of Redmi Note :
Official Introduction to Redmi Note

2. Unboxing & Teardown

How is Redmi Note actually looks like? A picture of its front view does not show its whole appearance. You should take a look on the phone you are going to buy in more details, allowing you understand more about the device you are going to have. We all don't like unexpected surprise, like "Eh why the volume button and power button is on the same side?"

This is the thread for Redmi Note unboxing

3. Comparison & Reviews

After done with looking at the outside (hardware), now its time to look at the inside (software). Redmi Note currently has three versions: 3G standard version, enhanced version and 4G LTE version. Three of them have different specs, so don't get those specs wrongly with the Redmi Note you are going to buy. Normally Enhanced version is the common version for Redmi Note sold in Global.

Here's the Romar's thread on comparison of Redmi Note Standard/Enhanced and Redmi Note 4G:
Redmi Note vs. Note Enhanced vs. Note 4G (Specs Comparison)

4. Camera Samples

Wonder how the Redmi Note camera performs? There are a lot of camera samples posted by admins and Redmi Note users in the forum. By looking at the pictures taken by Redmi Note, you can only judge the quality of the its camera.

Here's a sample thread for Redmi Note camera samples
Sample pictures taken by Redmi Note 13MP back camera

There is a camera comparison between Redmi Note, 1S and HTC One (M8) by Andrewtst, take a look here:
Camera comparison of Redmi Note vs Redmi 1s vs HTC One (M8)

Here's the camera test on some of Redmi Note's camera features:
Redmi Note Camera Test (Focus Mode & White Balance)

5. Features Introductions

MIUI is the stock OS that used in Redmi Note. This OS is a redefined Android OS by Xiaomi team and it is compatible with all Xiaomi Phones. With MIUI, you can definitely enjoy the fun and joy of the cool features provided. One of my favourite features by MIUI is we can fully customize our theme from a lot of free themes provided in MIUI Theme Store. Other than full customization feature, there are others features in Redmi Note as well.

Here's some brief introductions on features of Redmi Note:

Which is your Favorite Feature in Redmi Note?

6. Identify Fake Device

The Redmi Note 3G has visited Indonesia and soon in India. Without fail, you will also start to see imitation Redmi Notes flooding the market to entice unsuspecting users. Everyone knows how painful it is when we bought a fake device, bleeding in heart and wallet. In order not to buy a fake Redmi Note, it is important for us to know how to differentiate the genuine and the fake one.

This little tutorial hopefully is able to help in preventing the consumer from being conned:

How to identify a fake Redmi Note

7. How to buy a Redmi Note

Please note that there are no official retailers or distributors for Xiaomi Global yet. I would like to remind all Mi Fans to purchase only from the Xiaomi's official website, example as the only authentic way to get original phone. No one will responsible for the case you bought a fake Redmi Note, so please be cautious and read some of our guides before buying from a seller.

Below are the guides for each country on how to buy a Redmi Note:
Singapore: How, When and Where to buy your next Xiaomi device
Malaysia: Summary for When, Where and How To Buy Original Mi Phone
Indonesia: Registration, Buying Guide, Payment Methods for Xiaomi Phone
India: How to buy Xiaomi phone easily in India on Flipkart Sale

8. Product News

I bet the most exciting news for Indian is the launch of Redmi Note and the release date. With the hard work of all beta testers and superb co ordination with Rohit Ghalsasi (@gh.rohit) and Jaimani in India, Redmi Note has finally been made more stable for daily operations. Redmi Note 3G is launched in India at 24th November and priced at Rs 8,999!

Read more about India news about Redmi Note below:
Xiaomi India: 24th November Redmi Note launch and announcements. Live updates!

On top of that, we can see how high is the demand for Redmi Note from these two news:
10000 Redmi Note at Indonesia Sold Out in 40 Seconds!
Redmi Note 4G at Singapore Sold Out in 3 mins 45 seconds!

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Thanks to all the respective original authors of the threads shared in this article!

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