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How to Flash Custom ROM On Redmi 1S

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Hello Remi 1S Fans,

Lots of users asking me about how to install a custom rom on Redmi 1S, some users have flashed a rom without wiping and then end up with bugs.  So I have decided to put a tutorial, It will show step by step how to flash a custom rom on Redmi 1S.


  Three recoveries are currently available for Redmi 1S: ClockWorkMod (CWM), Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) and Philztouch. I recommended using Philztouch recovery for Redmi 1s. Philztouch recovery is based on CWM but it has easy user interface so you can easily install a new rom without knowing much about details in it. I am gonna use this recovery in this tutorial.

Required files to flash custom rom:

1.Philztouch Recovery (10.3 MB, Downloads: 271)

2.Custom rom zip of your choice (Make sure you have downloaded the complete zip package or your device will be in boot loop)

Put Recovery zip onto Internal memory and ROM zip onto SD Card

Before proceeding further take a backup of your data.

Flashing tutorial:

1. Go to the tools folder, open updater app, hit menu key and select update package.


2. Now select the recovery zip file which you have downloaded.

3.Now tap on update.

4. Select Start update.

5. The phone will be restarted, it will update and after the update it will boot into MIUI again.

6. Now go to the updater app and hit the menu key and select Reboot to Recovery Mode

7. The phone will boot into Philztouch recovery, now tap on Wipe and Format Options.

8. Tap on Clean to Install a New Rom.

9. Now go back and select Install Zip

10. Choose zip from /external_sd

11. Locate where you have put the ROM zip and tap on it

12. Tap on Yes

13. Now it will install the rom and after a while it will show Install from SD card complete.


14. Now go to the main menu and select Wipe and Format Options, tap on Wipe Dalvik/ART Cache and then tap on Yes.


15. Next tap on Wipe cache then tap on Yes


16. Now go to the main menu and tap on Reboot System Now.

Bingo..!! You are now on custom rom

SOURCE:- GeekyRohit

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