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How to Unlock the Redmi Note 3 [ SnapDragon ] - in seconds

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Redmi Note 3 , the New AMAZING is setting fire . Its By far the best Redmi Note Series Phone and also the best in the Mid-Range premium phone section . Its been out of stock in seconds each time its on sale. Redmi Note 3 is very popular and is in great demand because of its Stylish Uni metal body finish , finger print sensor , Collosal Battery and what not. From Magnamus Battery backup life to picture perfect Clicks , Redmi Note 3 owns the Stars here.

With such a specification the MIUI geeky Fans cant hold them self from tweaking the device and getting more juice out of it . But due to the new Secure Bootloader Lock policy the Geek Club had a frown , the long wait for 10-15+ days to get the unlock Permission to unlock the Phone was a blow in the face to all MIUI Geeks .

Well Not anymore , Now you dont have to wait half a month to get those Unlock permissions. Just few Minutes and the deal is Done. Unlock your Redmi Note 3 [ SnapDragon ] in seconds without the Mi Unlocking Tool and even without the Approval . Now this is what all the geeks were waiting for all this time . so why still waiting ...go get up ...get set UNLOCK....


  • Enabled usb Debugging
  • ADB setup on your pc
  • LATEST Mi Flash Tool - LINK
  • Driver signature disabled
  • A Fastboot rom - GLOBAL STABLE Rom Works perfectly - LINK
Disclaimer :   DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK . I'm not responsible FOr warranty Void or Brick phones.
If your device gets bricked or Stuck in Bootloop follow this tutorial : LINK


How to Enable Usb Debugging ?

Well its easy , go to settings on your phone .Then click on About Phone > Now Tap 7 Times on MIUI version .

This will Enable Developer Options On your Phone . Now Go back to Main settings Menu .

Click on Additional Settings > Developer Settings > Enable Usb Debugging .

How to Setup Adb on Pc ?

Well for windows pc , simply install adb drivers or install Miflash Tool , it will install all necessary Drivers.

you can find adb and fastboot Below in download section as

How to Disable Driver signature enforecement ?

On windows Xp its not required. But on Windows 7 and above while the PC starts Booting PRESS F8 this will Show a Menu while booting windows, Select Disable Driver signature enforement and press  ENTER. Windows Would boot with it Disabled. If you are having trouble there are other ways as well Google it.


Now , you must have a Fastboot rom already and Mi flash tool Installed .

Connect Your Phone to Pc .

Allow the Usb Debugging POP-Up Notification on your phone .

Extract and open the download earlier.

Click and open cmd.exe

Now check if the phone is connected via adb or not

  1. adb devices
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Press Enter if your Device is connected Successfully , you will see your devices's Serial no like below

Else check if you have allowed usb debugging permission on phone or not.
To troubleshoot disable-enable usb debugging from developer options in settings 

If its succesfully connected then Type:
  1. adb reboot edl
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Its " E D L" in Lowecase

The Phone would reboot after the Command to a Black screen.
And, a driver would start to install " qshusb qloader 9008"

After Driver succesfully installs...

Open Mi flash

click browse then locate the extracted fastboot rom . Then click Advanced.

Browse too flashall.bat in Fastboot rom folder at First option , Third option to prog_emmc_firehose_8976_ddr.mbn , then last two options browse to rawprogram0.xml and patch0.xml

Now , that Mi flash is Configured

Extract the Downloaded Unlocked file and then paste and replace the file into the Images folder of your Fastboot rom .

Press refresh On Mi flash it would show you phone connected via some Com Port # no

Press Flash .

It would take some time to flash about 170-250 seconds or more

After the Miflash fastboot is completed suceesfully .

if phone reboots or not You need to  hard boot it to Fastboot.
( if Miflash shows a error on clicking Flash , please restart Miflash and try again )

By pressing Volume Down + Power for about 30 + seconds

Phone would Switch to Fastboot Mode .

Now again open the cmd.exe from folder

and Type:
  1. fastboot oem device-info
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It will show you the current Bootloader Status .

Now again Type:
  1. fastboot oem unlock-go
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This will Unlock your bootloader .

Type in the previous command again to check if the status of Bootloader had changed or not.

"fastboot reboot" command to reboot phone

Kuddos , your Redmi Note 3 Bootloader is Unlocked Now .  ENJOY !!!

To restore the default Bootloader  copy paste the emmc_appsboot.mbn from Fastboot Rom  to the AnF zip folder

and type command on cmd
  1. fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn
  2. fastboot flash abootbak emmc_appsboot.mbn
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"fastboot reboot" command to reboot phone.

NOTE : DONT FLASH MIUI RECOVERY ZIP ROM VIA TWRP after unlocking bootloader. IT HAS STOCK BOOTLOADER IT WILL RELOCK BOOTLOADER AND THEN BOOTLOOP . Only use Fastboot rom and that too replace the unlocked bootloader file is you dont have unlocked bootloader.if you already have unlocked bootloader flash fastboot rom via fastboot mode.If you are stuck on bootloop then try this tutorial: LINK


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