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Xiaomi was rumored to be looking into using ‘Force Touch’ tech

‘Force Touch’ seems to be the most talked about tech these days, and in high demand as well. Apple has released two devices which sport Force Touch displays, the Apple Watch and two new iPhone smartphones, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Huawei has also announced a handset with such a display during IFA, the Mate S. That being said, a number of additional OEMs have been rumored to be getting ready to board the ‘Force Touch’ train soon, including Samsung and Xiaomi. Samsung will reportedly introduce such tech in the Galaxy S7, and Xiaomi… well, in one of their upcoming high-end phones.

Xiaomi was rumored to be looking into using this tech quite recently, and according to a new rumor, the company is well underway already. This China-based smartphone OEM is reportedly already looking for Force Touch suppliers. Force Touch tech consists out of the display and the pressure sensor which works in combination with that display, but that’s not all. There’s also a vibration motor, which Apple calls ‘Taptic Engine’, and that is one of the components Xiaomi is looking to acquire.

The company has allegedly already in talks with companies from South Korea and China, but according to the report, the negotiations aren’t going all that well. It seems like Xiaomi is unwilling to pay as much as the suppliers are asking for components in order to maintain low prices of their devices, and that is creating a problem for the company. Xiaomi will jump on board Force Touch train sooner or later, and it will be interesting to see how much will their first Force Touch smartphone cost. It is kind of unrealistic to expect either Mi 5 or Mi Note (Pro) 2 to sport such tech considering they’ll be released in the coming months, but Xiaomi will quite probably release such a smartphone in 2016.

Force Touch tech hasn’t been around for long, and as time goes by, the prices of such components will go down as well, especially in China. So, Xiaomi might wait a bit before they decide to implement Force Touch in their devices, but we’ll see. Stay tuned.

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