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On China 'Singles day' celebration Xiaomu is Launching New phone with Crowdsource Model

Most of you, even those who live outside of the US, know what a Black Friday is. It’s basically one day when you can find huge discounts throughout the country, and people basically go ballistic over the merchandise.Anyhow, China actually has something similar to Black Friday, a day called ‘Singles Day’ which is held on November 11th every year. Last year, Chinese consumers spent over $9 billion during Singles Day, and TMall, on of China’s biggest online stores, sold 1,894,867 smartphones on that day. Now, interesting enough, out of all the sold smartphones at TMall, 61.5% were Xiaomi-branded, which is quite staggering when you think about it.

That being said, Xiaomi is planning something a little bit different this year. The company is planning to offer a number of deals over a span of 11 days. Interesting enough, Xiaomi has also said that they’ll launch a new device during that time, they’ll actually crowdsource this phone. All of this will commence on November 11th at midnight (China time), while the phone will be shipped in 40 days. Considering Xiaomi will crowdsource this phone, you can expect it to be quite affordable. This will quite probably be the Redmi 2C (having its price in mind), but it is possible we’ll see the company release the Redmi Note 2 Pro which was rumored recently.

According to the latest rumor, the phone could be priced at 399 Yuan ($63), and you can also expect this to be the world’s most affordable 4G LTE handset to date. The Redmi 2C will quite probably sport 1GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, just like its Redmi 2 sibling, and you can expect it to ship with a 720p display. Xiaomi has set a limit for shipments of this phone, there will be 100,000 units available, so keep that in mind. That’s pretty much it. We still can’t confirm any of the phone’s specs or its naming, but November 11th is right around the corner and everything will be revealed soon. Singles Day will be a crazy day in China, and it seems like Xiaomi intends to prolong the craziness by offering 11 straight days of various deals


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