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Xiaomi Mi TV 2s : #Unboxing and detail #Review

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4K Mi TV 2S is create's the ultimate new audio-visual experience


"9.9mm ultimate slim, original Samsung 4K screen, Dolby sound, independent sound system, "which is Mi tv 2S television highlights and selling, July 28 will open later in the official website, smart TVs assessment group to get first time 48 inches to the mass production of mi 2s television, smart TV, this hit the young population, fashion and technology to the extreme, to give you a wonderful visual experience.

Hardware Configuration

As can be seen from the chart, Mi 2S TV using the most advanced Smart TV chip Mstar 6A928, powerful Mali-760 GPU, 4K H.265 up to 60fps, support USB3.0 transmission. On this basis, and then with Mi independent subwoofer sound system, you can really enjoy the ultimate television viewing experience Xiaomi.

Mi TV 2s Unpacking and Appearance Appreciation

The evaluation of the object is Mi 2S 48(including independent subwoofer sound system), the following products from the packaging design to exterior and interior accessory products detailed description.

In the bottom of the front and back of the box there are two snaps, after the demolition of four snaps off, a person can easily lift the packing case, this design is very user-friendly.

Lift the packing case, Mi TV unraveling, protective foam on both sides stood in orderly bracket, accessories, audio systems and related accessories, then turn the content of specific parts of the presentation.

First look at the box accessories, from left to right audio cable, audio power supply, remote control, adapter, mounting screws, xiaomi is determined to provide the user with a screw from a loading bracket.

TV stand a pair of texture is quite good, simple fashion.

Subwoofer in a separate packing box, all-aluminum build wireless Bluetooth subwoofer, equipped with 6.5 inches bass unit. In today's growing in thin TV products, it has no space built large speaker, audio system with external independent television Mi 2S, very clever to make up for shortcomings smart TV product itself.

Subwoofer top

In addition to the subwoofer, stereo soundbar is in charge of the bar in the high-frequency playback, contains six full-range speakers and two tweeters silk film, embedded with Dolby sound technology, especially for the human voice enhancements have significantly improved.

soundbar partial close-up

Finished parts, let us return to the subject of this review - Mi TV 2S, start talking back, upper part of the all-metal package, simply gorgeous luster bright blind, in fact stands to reason that everyone here is The easiest place to ignore, and this is reflected in the company's conscience.


Mi TV2s interface is still relatively very rich, distributed in two areas.

HDMI2.0 interfaces, VGA, AV, LAN port, separate audio connector, DTMB interface.

USB3.0, USB2.0, HDMI × 2 Interface

Power key is hidden at the bottom.

Back handsome Mi LOGO

To see what the ultimate slim 9.9mm frame it , this evaluation is green border, a total of four optional colors.

Mi TV 2S equipped with an independent sound system to show the whole picture

7.5mm extremely narrow bezel, corner joints are more accurate display about 2mm black border, as a large-size screen, under hyperopia environment, within an acceptable range of the dark side.

Power Experience

Initial start-up, the system will get the Startup Wizard, a simple connection to home stereo pair.

After the connection is successful, there will be a demo of surround sound gives you audition, the effect Bang Bang da!

Boot booted into the first interface system, Mibox user interface should be very familiar with this, Mi Tv except in the upper left corner there is a video source switching window, the other area is almost the same.

Under the direction of the main interface press button brings up the common shortcut menu, including mobile storage, personal space, recently applied to set four plates.

Quick Setup page distributions commonly used function modules, such as support for dual-band WIFI settings, Bluetooth peripheral set, account and security settings, general settings, picture and sound settings, and Mi television-related information, let's look at the content of decompose.

Strongly suggest that you turn on the dynamic backlighting, I try to switch a bit dynamic backlight, dark field environment, open dynamic backlight, black screen darker, contrast is obvious.

Xiaomi home audio parameter adjustments, which the subwoofer's volume can be adjusted according to the individual hearing needs.

The system comes with cast-screen artifacts app installation wizard scans through the phone to complete the two-dimensional code, you can realize the phone shots, mobile push install app, mobile phone remote control, audio and video push the big screen, and other functions, looks very strong.

Image parameter settings

Disk information, 8G of space remaining less than half capacity.

The default is to refuse to install third-party applications, if you need to install, must be open to accept the job here.

Touch play function for some users external video equipment is very practical.
Local video playback experience

Mi TV 2S use original Samsung TV 4K display, with point-destructive display, the image sharp edges out the characteristics of the perfect present, local video playback capability, the TV should be mi 2S strengths. The next test video contains 4K H.265 video, 4K large bit-rate video, large bit-rate video, ISO original disk, MKV, AVI, MPEG4 and other popular formats, take a look at the quality and supported it.

Test Video: Swiss town of 4K, H.265 60fps, TS encapsulation format.

Play menu, covering audio, subtitles, and Mi TV broadcast proportion embed Dolby sound function.

Screen play smooth, loads fast, colorful enhancement Samsung panel is very seductive, display color reproduction and picture detail of panoramic visual experience perfectly.

Details of the dark display, and contrast performance is quite eye-catching.

Test Video: snow Aer 4K 100Mbps bitrate MP4 format

High color saturation, darkfield very pure black.

Sharpness close-up picture details

The contrast between the picture screen photo

Kung Fu Panda Blu-ray disc of the original ISO

Switching embedded subtitles


Dolby sound can select music or theater mode.

Kung Fu Panda playback screen screen photo

More than 200 M large rate ultra-clear video playback is still smooth, no shift Caton phenomenon.
[On sound]
Mi TV2s Home Cinema version outfitted with 6 + 2 units soundbar audio system, are fever equipment in the smart TV products, home theater and professional theater equipment field although not comparable, but largely LCD TV speaker system improve more traditional television greatly diminished ills, I did hear a lot of people around to reflect the current LCD TV sounded muffled, not nice old television, and said plainly, is the speaker of the problem, Xiaomi peripherals using Bluetooth stereo subwoofer system to break this bottleneck, watching television, especially the dialogue part, the sound is clearer, the sound field even broader thick, and with mi embedded Dolby sound, the entire listening experience enhance the sense of remarkable. The emphasis on sound and economical to buy a limited budget users, Mi tv 2S really for you, no candidate of.
Third-party applications installed

mi system comes with video on demand resources is strong enough, due to the impact of policies, online TV broadcast can not appear within a preset system, resulting in a strong corps of third-party applications, allowing you to play smart TV features to the extreme, here to explain how to install third-party applications.

First, open the application allows you to install third issue, then downloaded APK file into the U disk settings, U disk after successful identification, will pop open mobile storage tips, enter. Here's to the hottest APP aggregation market when Tony example to do a demo of it.

When the shellfish market contains nearly a thousand applications and games TV end app, the most critical is downloaded to your application is always the latest version, the update is very timely. At the same support for a key update, install uninstall management feature.

Tony will be installed when the market is installed prerequisite, where the largest gathering of users and reputation of the best TV applications, without time-consuming to find, very humane.

Must have installed the application list, to which, it is so simple to use which under slightly.

Application installation, there will be an icon on the home screen display for easy use.

Mi TV 2S when the shell Assistant to run sub on when entertainment, in fact Mstar 6A928 is currently the most powerful smart TV chips chip performance without using running points to prove, and start the experience is really good.

A very good application of live television - television home .

Live picture screen photo, picture clarity and fluency is I think the best.

Video-on-demand applications even more, such as the commonly used television cat , VST polymerization,Taijie video, etc., video source updates are very timely.

Online on-demand clarity is still very acceptable.


Mi TV 2S, I summed up the ultimate TV experience following aspects. First, in terms of the appearance of technology, 9.9mm ultimate slim, all-metal build back, the perfect seams are proven its outstanding; secondly, powerful Mstar 6A928 A17 quad-core processor equipped with a powerful GPU configuration is definitely the performance of monsters; in terms of picture quality, Mi Tv 2S using original Samsung TV 4K screen, point to point non-destructive display, picture quality is more delicate and more of the details are sharp and clear; In terms of sound, but also some small Mitt wireless subwoofer sound system, will be less than ordinary LCD TV sound defects were a perfect make up and enhance the cinematic sound experience, when it comes to lack of amputation 3D feature television perhaps Xiaomi some users not to accept, though 3D is not high frequency of use, but there are user requirements for perfection, which is perhaps difficult to reach it.

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