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Xiaomi is Launching universal remote control, Useful for home appliances


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Xiaomi universal remote control look elgant and powerfull and common household appliances

  • The target is set to 2000 and the estimated date of shipment is onAugust 3. Now the goal has completed up to 408 % with the quantity of 8162
  • The crowdfunding is set for 14 days andalready exceeded the target. Users whom already placed order will get theiritem shipped on August 10 

Here is the brief introduction about Universal Remote Control
  • It’s a remote control for your TV and air conditioning. All these devices are essential to your home but we have one traditional infrared remote control for each home appliances which makes our life complicated. With Mi Universal remote control, you can control everything easily with your single hand thus abandon all others remote control!

  • The more home appliances you have, the more remote control you have as well. Then you might forgotten where you put it but with Mi Universal remote control all your problems will be solved. 

  • The device has 360-degree infrared transmitter which means noblind spot will escaped from the coverage of infrared.It can cover up to 20 metres.
  • The device is made with special material which reduces thereflection and high percentage of penetration.

  • It can be controlled using an app and you may manage all your devices on your smartphone.

Size - 10mm X 26mm
Weight - 88g
Chassis Colour - Black

Operation & Network Connection
Internet connection - Wifi b/g/ n
Button - Rest
Infrared - 5V DC
Frequency - 3eK
Temprature - 10C to 50C
WUX  - USB Charging Interface
Input current - 1A

Product features
Material  -  Special infrared transmitting meter
The Main chip - Marvell MCU

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