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Xiaomi going to sale New WIFI Amplifier at 39Yuan

Hey MIUIers,
we are sharing good new for this time.Xiaomi going to sale New WIFI Amplifier 23rd July & Registrations going on today(22nd July).

What is WIFI Amplifier?
WIFI amplifier is boost signal strength & speed.And no signal lass at house balcony also.Price - 39Yuan

  • Wifi signal to reach room end to end with balcony
  • Pairing simple
  • Light Weight

  • Wifi signal speed is twice
  • Avoid week signal variation
  • Xiaomi wifi amp is easily to reach balcony

  • Xiaomi wifi amp tohelp & fulfill to studying also

  • Plug & Play
  • Pairing easy
  • Internat more streamlined
  • It can automaticaly pairing any other USB interface imediatly.
  • 1.WIFI Router
  • 2.Other Interface

  • No intruption for listening music

  • To instal it any weak signal area(bathroom,balcony)

  • Wifi Amplifier is refinded simplicity
  • Length - 12cm
  • USB Socket - 180 deg
  • Power consuption - 2w Max
  • Per month - 1Kwh
  • The home environment to make in more clean/change.

  • Automatic deduction
  • Help to solve network problems
  • WIFI Amp can accurately detect the signal strength & connection
  • WIFI Amp will automatically upgrade the firmware without any manual operation
  • Just enjoying the wifi.

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