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XIAOMI is Laughing next Flagship MI 5 In Nov-15

       A fresh batch of rumors for the Xiaomi Mi 5 spills the beans on the use of a Snapdragon 820 chipset. The all new Snapdragon 820 chipset marks Qualcomm’s return to custom cores. Moreover, it also offers support for Sense ID. 
Unlike traditional fingerprint sensors that make use of optics, Sense ID technology relies on ultrasound which is claimed to be more resilient against dirt and water on fingers.

      Specs wise, may witness a bump up to 4GB of Ram go along the new chipset while the storage options will most likely be a choice between 16 GB or 64 GB. We will probably witness a more profound change when it comes to the display as it rumored to grow not only in size but in resolution too with the possibility of 5.5” display with QHD resolution. We also expect it to trim down its waistline and come in at 5.1 mm while featuring an aluminum frame. Speculation on the camera front include the possibility of a 16 MP OIS main camera coupled with a 8 MP Front facing camera. 

     There is also a possibility of Xiaomi Mi 5 featuring a USB Type C Connector. Tipped to be announced in November, there is a possibility of Xiaomi following the industry norm and introduce with not one, but two flagships namely the Xiaomi Mi 5 and the Xiaomi Mi 5 Plus with the latter introducing a 6” screen in the mix. More speculations expected in near future as the release draws more and more close, so stay tuned.

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