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Mi 4i :Xiaomi releases patch to fix over heating issues

Last month Xiaomi has launched Mi 4i, their so called budget smartphone in India. Priced at Rs. 12,999 it has got pretty good specifications as well as hardware. Xiaomi Mi 4i was sold like a hot cake in its first flash sales through Flipkart. Many users have reported the issues of over-heating of the phone.
However now a 804MB hefty update V6.5.4.0 LXIMICD is available, which is expected to enhance the performance and adjust the thermal control algorithm to resolve overheating issues.
Jai Mani Lead – Product Manager at Mi India have said in a press statement
“We’ve heard from some Mi 4i users that their devices can get warm under strenuous conditions such as complex 3D gaming and benchmarking apps. To address these concerns, we’ve optimized our thermal control algorithms to better regulate the temperature. The new thermal controls adjust frequency, voltage and the number of cores in use depending on the chipset temperature.”
For all the Mi 4i users, they can check for updated software for ‘Updater’ App or they can download a zip file. Click here to download. Once downloaded goto Updater -> Choose Update Package -> Navigate to OTA Zip.
When solutions were released for Xiaomi Mi 4i overheating issues, there might be chances the cores of the processer have been throttled down to control the temperature. However no such performance issues have been reported yet for such updates.
source: mobipicer

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