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Always use high quality products, believe our users, listen and make friend with them : Lei Jun mantra for success of Xiaomi

Five years ago on 6th April 2010, there was a company founded with only 14 people in Beijing. Take a guess on what company is that? I think every Mi Fans know that answer very well that is our beloved company Mi. During that time, all of us did not dare to voice out our dream. Our dream is too far and seems like impossible to achieve. I am sure everyone will laugh at us if we voice out. We want everyone in this world to enjoy technology powered by China. We want to create a world class company and we want everyone to know us.

We do believe something wonderful is about to happen ( Xiaomi's slogan) ! 

Our idea during that time was combining Internet + Hardware + Software this three aspects and launch it with our very own Internet marketting model. Therefore, we focus all of our resources and do not care the cost just to product a good product. We are treating our customers as our friends and all their valueable feedback we taken into consideration to produce and upgrading our product to even better product. That is why we provide update every week for those who flash developer's ROM.

The smartphone market is very competitive as everyone know. We have those brands who already very famous such as Apple, Samsung and locally we are facing threat from Lenovo and Huawei. Almost no one care about us Xiaomi, a newly founded company. After 6 months finally our company had our own team and 1 and a half year later our first smartphone was launched. 

Miracle finally happened, within three years time we created some awesome records. We top and lead the smartphone market in China and fifth in global and TIME Magazine even gave us a title named China's Phone King, Fortune also featured Lei Jun in one of the volume too.

Over this five years, we faced ups and downs. I am really thankful for those who continously support us and back us up when we are facing difficulties. Thanks to all Mi Fans ! On 8th April we will have and we would like to share our happiness and joyness with our fans. 

Today, we are going to start our new journey all we shall leave all those archievements back. Smartphone market is getting more and more competitive. We faced competition locally and globally. Under this circumstances we shoud maintain our promise that is always use high quality products,  believe our users, listen and make friend with them. By following this two principal i am confident that Xiaomi's dream will come true one day! 

Happy Birthday to Xiaomi ! 
Lei Jun


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