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Best App for Mi Phone

If you are an Android App Junkie like I am, chances are you know all the important android apps worth knowing about. But, given the number of Apps available on the play store, chances are you might have missed some apps that would make your life much easier. Or atleast managing your device might become a bit easier. So i bring you this thread to share 16 apps that make managing my device easier and more productive. Some are system level apps, while some just save a couple of seconds for the lazy amongst us. This thread includes some app which are extremely common and are present in almost every android device, and some not so common apps too. I would recommend having root access to your device. It gives you more control over your device and if you are not rooted, using most of these apps is not an option. And since Xiaomi is one of the few user friendly brands that allow us to root our device without voiding the warranty, you can root your device if you wish to do so. So spare a few minutes and take a look at these apps and you might discover something new -

1. Gravity Screen: Well we bought a Smartphone, why should we have to manually lock the screen by pressing the power button. Makes no sense right? Especially since there are a lot of sensors on our beloved Xiaomi Device. Well there is an App that understands us, Gravity Screen. As long as we are willing to keep our phone in the inverted position in our pocket and facing down on flat surfaces, this nifty app will automatically manage the screen with almost no extra load on the battery. So Power button, I dont need you from now. (except when he have to turn the phone off. or go into recovery or so on so on).

Download link -

Gravity Screen on Google Play

2. Rotation Lock Adaptive: Rotation is a feature inbuilt in every android phone. Its a wonderful feature allowing us to turn our screen sideways. But most of the time, its a massive headache to use, because the device ends up rotating when we dont want it to, and then we have to tilt it in the opposite side to get the orientation right. I personally prefer to keep the rotation turned off because it drives me nuts. 
Enter Rotation Lock Adaptive. It provides the perfect solution to this irritating problem by displaying a translucent, nonintrusive overlay on the screen when we rotate it sideways. The screen will not rotate unless and until we tap on it. It can be set  to not show up on home screen and in certain apps, so it shows up only when you want to. And you can even use your phone upside down, if you are bored and dont have anything better to do. 

Download link -

Rotation Lock Adaptive on Google Play

3. Nights Keeper: I love Sleeping. The only thing which interests me more is eating. And i hate it when my friends disturb me after i have hit the bed. An app that prevents them from disturbing the most important part of my day would be wonderful, isn't it? 
Nights Keeper does just that. After you are done configuring it, it will act as the Sandman and it wont allow anyone to disturb you by sending a pre-programmed text message instead. You can configure it to allow repeated callers to get through, or add specific numbers (like our Mothers) to connect on the first try. 

Download Link-

Nights Keeper on Google Play

4. Screen Filter: Sometimes, the lowest brightness setting still feels too bright. Especially if you are reading something late at night with all the lights turned off. Not only is that a stress on the eyes, but a waste of precious battery life too. This app resies as a Power Toggle in the notification area and a quick tap dims the screen to a fraction of its lowest brightness setting. Extremely usefull for ebook reading and late night browsing. Another tap restores the brightness. 

Download Link -

Screen Filter on Google Play

5. AirDroid: AirDroid is an excellent app that allows you to manage your phone better. It has a web component too. Remote and local wireless file transfer, Send and receive text messages from PC, locate lost phone, manage apps, remote camera access, calling contacts are just some of its feature. 

AirDroid.jpg (310.1 KB, Downloads: 5)

Download Link -

AirDroid on Google Play.

6. DashClock Widget: One of my favorite widgets. This is one of the first widget i add to my device. It puts the most important notifications and other updates on your home or lock screen in a very very beautiful and clean format. Furthermore, you can add a multitude if extensions like weather, appointments and tasks, new email, texts and Whatsapp messages notifications and add shortcuts like flashlight. This is "THE" widget that every android user must own. And the best part, its absolutely free. So what are you waiting for, download it now. 

Download Link-

DashClock Widget on Google Play

7. FlashMe: So you have a notification LED on the front that tells you there is something waiting to be checked on your phone. Big deal.  If you are a social butterfly, i can bet you check your phone every few minutes hoping for a new notification or message. But what do you when your phone is placed upside down? You might end up missing an important notification for a minute or worse, for 5 minutes. Totally unacceptable. FlashMe is here to save you.  This app flashes the cameraflash to alert you to incoming calls and text messages. And unlike similar apps, it has a setting that allows it to flash only when the phone is facing upside down.

Download Link-

FlashMe on Google Play

8. Shush! Ringer Restorer: Most of us put our phone on silent mode when we are about to have that family dinner, watch a movie, go to church or attending meetings. But then sometimes we end up missing a lot of calls and texts or other important stuff because we forgot to undo the silent mode. Well this app takes care of that problem. Shush! will promt you to set a timer every time you silence your phone, so you can set it and forget it. Pretty nifty eh?? 

Download Link-

Shush! Ringer Restorer on Google Play

9. Smart Lockscreen Protector: Most of us these days use some or the other form of security and have Features like Remote tracking enabled in case our phone is lost or stolen. But these dont really help, because most theives with half a brain would simply turn the phone off the moment they get it. But, if you have this app installed, it will make it impossible to bring up the shut down dialog on the lock screen. Putting the device on Airplane mode or muting the sound would be blocked too. Pretty usefull for devices where the battery is non-removable. For others, the theif can just open the back panel and remove the battery. Oops. 

Download Link -

Smart Lockscreen Protector on Google Play

10. SpeakerPhoneEx: This is another app for the lazy ones. Bring the phone up to your ear to answer a call and place it face down to end it. When on a call, taking the phone away from your ear would turn on the speakerphone and bringing it back will turn it back off. The app is well built and false inputs are ignored. There are delay options available too. So your private conversations wont be put up on the speakerphone for a slight slip of hand. A very useful app for the lazy people like me.

Download Link -

SpeakerPhoneEx on Google Play

11. Truecaller: One of the most well known apps on this list. Its simply a worldwie directory of phone numbers that you can use. Whenever you call or receive a call from an unknown number, truecaller would fetch the caller's name from its server. The data is pretty accurate and works most of the time. However, if you are worried about privacy, you might wanna give this app a miss, as your details and your contacts would be updated on its database too. 

Download Link -

Truecaller on Google Play

12. Startup Manager: Well you have installed dozens of apps now. But do you have enough time to keep track of every one of them? I dont. So some of these apps might add themselves to the phone's startup routine.Startup Manager allows you to manage this shady apps and fix their position where they belong. 

Download Link -

Startup Manager on Google Play

13. Android Firewall: Now this is another extremely useful apps. Ever wondered where all that precious carrier data goes? And you end up spending more data then you think you should. Well you can say thanks to apps like Google keep and other apps that constantly transfer too much data over your mobile data network. Enter Android Firewall. This nifty app has  bunch of features, the highlight being the ability to keep a check on apps transferring data in the background. Awesome isn't it?

Download Link-

Android Firewalll on Google Play

14. Cerberus: This is Probably the best security and tracking app for any Android device. This app runs quitely in the background and can email you photos of intruders trying to get past your lock screen. It also allows for audio/video recording, retrieving location history, call and message logs and make loud alert sounds. Best feature, this app can wipe everything on the phone in case your chances of retrieving the phone are slim. And the cherry on the cake? Its a free app. 

Download Link -

15. Titanium Backup: Probably the most well known app on this list. And an extremely useful one at that. It allows you to backup every single piece of data on your phone to your memory card or cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. It a bit complicated to get used to all the features in the beginning, but once you are familiar with it, you will never lose any data. Restoring data is pretty hassle free too. I would recommend the paid version of the app.

Download Link -

16. Greenify: So you are used to the idea of constantly using task killer applications and clearing apps to free up memory and save resources? Well that does more harm than good. Enter Greenify, this useful software hibernates your Apps instead of killing them directly. The same principle is used in iOS for multitasking and is much more useful then killing processes and having them restart automatically. But make sure you make a wise selection of apps to hibernate. Hibernating messengers and other connectivity or system apps is not a good idea. If you love saving battery and multitasking, this app should be on your phone. 

Download Link -

Do you know any other app that should be added to this link? Please leave your views in the comments. 


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