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Xiaomi has more Activated Android Smartphones than Samsung, LG , Motorola

Xiaomi Fireside AH 08

In San Francisco, Xiaomi held their first US-based fireside chat. Xiaomi talked to us about the history of the company, which was founded in April 2010. Also about their software, MIUI. Which is updated weekly, and they have over 224 updates over the life of MIUI (from 2010 til now). MIUI and Xiaomi is super popular in China and other parts of the world. MIUI gets a ton of new features each week, including auto upload that’s coming in this upcoming week.
    Xiaomi has 5 of the most popular Android smartphones that are activated. That’s 5 out of the top 8. Pretty crazy, right? Xiaomi also is proud to say that their users spend more time in apps than Samsung and Apple users. Which is quite a feat, especially considering how many apps Apple has in the App Store.

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