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Why Xiaomi Mi 4 is not popular as Mi 3

I will refer a few points here as what was told by Xiaomi when Mi4 was released
The difference between the Mi4 and Mi3

We see 4G-LTE written for Mi4 but India does not get that.

As an Mi3 user which is an awesome phone what reason do I have to upgrade to Mi4 by spending another 22K INR?

Here Again almost all are same except the Universal remote and strangely it is given Mi4 has NFC when it does not.

The processor Specifications

The processor is a minor upgrade from Qualcomm, Mi3 is fast enough.

An in-depth perspective

MSM 8974MSM 8974 ABMSM 8974 AC
4x Krait 400
up to 2.3GHz
4x Krait 400
4x Krait 400
up to 2.5GHz
Adreno 330
up to 450MHz
Adreno 330
up to 550MHz
Adreno 330
up to 578MHz
LP DDR3 – 1600MHz
LP DDR3 – 1866MHz
LP DDR3 – 1866MHz
As you can see Mi3 runs on 8974AB and Mi4 on 8974AC. Mi3 is given as 8274AB because 8974 has LTE but 8274 doesn't. Even in the time of Mi3. Xiaomi could have implemented 4G like all other manufacturers.
The camera

Here Mi4 has a f1.8 with 4K recording along with front 8MP. But with the 16GB released what good can be of 4K recording?

I do agree the great manufacturing and quality of Mi4, but Mi3 also had great quality.

I am deeply dissapointed with the way things have turned out in India. People should not be taken for granted. The Mi3 is/was an exceptional phone. Mi4 is not a worthy successor to Mi3. And with Mi4 WCDMA released in India, I don't see any point in buying it.
This is an unbiased view, in fact this is confusing because i love Mi3 a lot and I had huge expectations for Mi4 well the LTE part was good but Xiaomi made it a point that even the good part was removed when releasing in India.

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