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Xiaomi launched Bluetooth game controller at just 99 Yuan in China.

There have been some talks in Chinese blogs and forums as well as some teasers by the company itself that it will release something on January 20th that will “Vibrate and feel good”. It seems that this vibrating device is a bluetooth game controller, which carries an amazingly low price tag of just 99 Yuan in China.

The Xiaomi asserts that this device has a very ergonomic and comfortable shape whereas the shell is made of the tough material manufactured by Samsung. It is claimed that the remote controller is made using the same quality manufacturing process as Sony PS4 remote. What is more, the shell material including the the buttons is made with a heavy gamer in mind, meaning that it is scratch and sun light resistant. What is more, a special coating helps feeling comfortable even if your hand are sweating. That means that it will allow you operate the controller for hours without getting tired.
In addition, the remote has high precision arrow keys, which will let you enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest. They have a 360 degrees movement technology ensuring a uniform gap around the keys.

Also, the device spots the curved arc design, which should ensure that it is very comfortable to hold it in the hand. Further, the remote has the keys, which have a perfect touch and click response. It is said that the buttons can sense the depth of the finger pressing, precise identification of the pressure magnitude and speed. In racing games that can precisely control the brakes and throttle to bring exquisite gaming experience.

What is more, the Rocker has a 360-degree field of precision positioning, which has an accuracy of 0.172 degrees. Also, it has a shaking, center-specific anti-tampering measures of 0.5 degrees. The overall use of soft down hard two-shot injection molding, rocker cap fit the unique design of the scroll thumb curves, soft hand touch part of the texture, making the soft touch and comfortable, combined coarse grain drying surface, can effectively prevent finger slipped.


The device has a world class vibration motors inside. They have asymmetrical design, the motors are adjustable with software, which decides how the motors should work in different gaming environments like sports, racing, action and other games. Furthermore, it has one of the best built-in gravity sensors, which is made by Bosh.
Other goodies include Bluetooth 3.0, which should ensure uninterrupted gaming experience. Also, the device packs an amazing battery. It uses an intelligent power management, which turns the device into standby mode after 5 mins of idle. What it more important, the remote controller can stay up to one year in a standby mode, which is really impressive.
All in all, it seems that the Xiaomi is expanding its portfolio in a variety of ways. This time around, the gamers should be excited as the company offers a great product at an amazingly low price.

Source : gizmochina

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