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Mi Note :an iPhone 6 challenger

The mystery new Xiaomi flagship device is launched: the great Mi Note! Mi Note comes with MIUI 6, as it's bigger than the other Xiaomi flagship phones, what have the MIUI team done to make MIUI for suitable for this amazing device?

  • Optimized user experience for big screen devices

MIUI for Mi Note complies with the core concept of MIUI 6: Content is essence. MIUI 6 is optimized for the big screen Mi Note to bring you a better user experience.

Why have we optimized MIUI for big screen devices? The major reason is that, most current big screen devices with Android OS have just enlarged the OS without considering real life situations. If we see the exact same amount of things on devices with 5.7 inch screens and 5 inch screens, then what's the point of big screen devices?

Pictures in apps would stretch if the screen became bigger, and this introduces another problem with the traditon enlarging method: all pictures in apps would become blurry. Therefore, MIUI designed two different display modes for big screen devices in Android system level:

1. Display more content

To simply put this: we should be able to see more content using big screen devices. For instance, if we can see 8 contacts on one page using devices with 5 inch screen, then we should see 10 or more contacts on one page using devices with 5.7 inch screen; if we can see 1 twitte on one page before, then we should see 2 or more twittes now. This should be the meaning of big screen devices! And our measuring results show that Mi Note displays 25% more content than Mi 4.

2. Display the content bigger

Many smartphone users like to use big fonts to have a better reading experience. But the font is not really big for some big screen devices. For some Android systems, changing system fonts will only change the font of system built-in apps, not fonts of the third party apps. We realized this problem, and optimized it in MIUI. In MIUI 6 for Mi Note, changing system fonts will change fonts of all apps, no matter they're built-in or third party ones.

  • One-Handed Mode
The one-handed mode on iOS works like this: double press Home button, and the whole screen will move down. This way, users could press the top buttons. But it's still not convenient to use keyboard or reach the buttons on top left corner.

For big screen devices, one-handed mode is not just to let you press the buttons on top-left corner or reach the top part of the screen. The one-handed mode in MIUI 6 allows you to use your phone with one hand as conveniently as using two hands.

To enable this awesome feature, you just need to swipe left or right from Home button. For Mi Note, there are 3 screen sizes you can choose from for one-handed mode. More options, more fun!

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