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All about Redmi 2 / hongmi 2; FAQ

This post is comprised of all the questions that are related to Redmi 2 / Hongmi 2.

Questions About Device Hardware and General Questions :

Q: How to buy Redmi 2?
A: Currently, Redmi 2 is only available in Mainland China. To ensure you get authentic product, please buy Redmi 2 from Official/authorized website only.

These are the Official/authorized website for follow countries:

Q: When Redmi 2 will be available in my Country?
A: As i already mentioned before, right now Redmi 2 is available in Mainland China only. And, there is no official words about launching and availability of Redmi 2 in other countries. So in this case, please follow Official Mi Facebook Page of your country and be active on this forum also. Stay tuned.

For Example: People from India, have to be active on Mi India Official Facebook Page for more info and news.

These are the Official Mi Facebook Page of your respective countries :

Q: How many models of Redmi 2 are there?
A: Redmi 2 is available in three versions/models, which are given below.

1. 4G dual sim mobile version, supports the following carriers and networks:
Does not distinguish between primary and secondary slot, SIM card slot in any optional mobile 4G, another one for GSM
  • Mobile 4G TDD-LTE
  • Mobile 4G FDD-LTE
  • Mobile 3G TD-SCDMA
  • Mobile 2G GSM
  • Unicom 2G GSM

4G Network
TDD-LTE (B38 / B39 / B40 / B41: 2555-2655MHz), FDD-LTE (B3 / B7)
3G Network
TD-SCDMA (1900 / 2100MHz), WCDMA (850/1900 / 2100MHz)
2G network
GSM (900/1800 / 1900MHz)

2. Unicom 4G dual-card version, supports the following carriers and networks:
Does not distinguish between primary and secondary slot, SIM card slot optional arbitrary Unicom 4G, another one for GSM
  • Unicom 4G FDD-LTE
  • Unicom 4G TDD-LTE
  • Unicom 3G WCDMA
  • Unicom 2G GSM
  • Mobile 2G GSM
4G Network
FDD-LTE (B1 / B3), TDD-LTE (B41: 2555-2575MHz)
3G Network
WCDMA (900/1900 / 2100MHz)
2G network
GSM (900 / 1800MHz)

3. Telecom 4G dual-card version, supports the following carriers and networks:
Slot distinguish primary and secondary, primary card supports Telecom 4G / 3G / 2G, Vice card supports mobile 2G / Unicom 2G
  • Telecom 4G FDD-LTE
  • Telecom 4G TDD-LTE
  • Telecom 3G CDMA 2000
  • Telecom 2G CDMA 1X
  • Mobile 2G GSM
  • Unicom 2G GSM

Q: Redmi 2 isn't available in my country but i want to buy from China, help me how and which version should i buy?
A: If you are going to Mainland China, or anybody you know is going to Mainland China or anybody you know who lives in Mainland can buy Redmi 2 for you from Official Xiaomi Store ( ). But before buying Redmi 2 check the Mobile Network Bands Available in your country with your countries respective network operator so that you can choose the right version/model of Redmi 2 for you, which works in your home country. 

Q: Does Redmi 2 support OTG?
A: Yes, Redmi 2 supports OTG function. OTG stands for “On The Go”, which means you can connect a standard mouse, keyboard, pen drive, etc. into your Mi phone via an OTG cable.

Q: Why can't I read my flash drive using OTG?
A: Please note that Mi phones support only FAT32 flash drives. If you are unable to read your flash drive:
1.  Check whether your flash disk follows the FAT32 file system.
2.  If it is not FAT32, set it to FAT32 on your PC, and then use it with your Redmi 2.

Q: Does Redmi 2 have background light for the navigation keys? Or, In other words Redmi 2 have Capacitive keys Backlight?
A: There is no background light in the Redmi 2.

Q: Why there is less than 8GB storage available on Redmi 2, instead of the stated 8GB?
A: Of the 8GB ROM provided, some storage space is used up by System Files. But, the Redmi 2 can support a larger storage space (32GB max) by means of an extension SD card. You may copy data from the internal SD card to the extension SD card when the storage space is low.

Q: Why there is less than 1GB RAM available on my Redmi 2, instead of the stated 1GB RAM?
A: Of the 1GB RAM provided, some RAM space is used up by System. So, that's why it show's less available RAM.

Q: When i clear background apps then RAM availability is less than 1GB on Redmi 2? Why?
A: It's not just Redmi 2 but all the smartphones have less availability of RAM because of processing and system.

Q: Why does my Redmi 2 heat during operation?
A: Owing to their enhanced configuration (CPU, GPU, etc.), all smartphones generate heat while playing games, watching videos, operating apps, and so on. The heat dissipation of Redmi 2 is controlled so as to make it as comfortable for you as possible. If however you feel the heat is severe, please contact your nearest service centre for help.

Q: What network type does Redmi 2 operate on?
A: Redmi2 features dual SIM dual standby, which lets you send and receive calls and SMS from two numbers without having to swap SIM cards.

4G Network
3G Network
2G network

In Short Redmi 2 support : Dual-SIM with 2 card-slots, standing by concurrently.
4G LTE/3G, Dual-SIM 4G LTE (TDD/ FDD), and connection speed up to 150 MBPS.

Q: Why i can't use 4G/LTE on my Redmi 2?
A: You need to have 4G/LTE enable SIM Card. If you don't have then contact your Network Service Provider.

Q: If I am communicating using SIM 1, is there a waiting prompt when there’s an incoming call on SIM 2?
A: Yes. Although Redmi 2 supports dual SIM cards, it is single-channel design. While you are communicating using one SIM card, the other SIM card cannot receive calls and there will be voice prompt saying, “Sorry! The subscriber you have dialled cannot be connected at the moment”. Messages are received later as well.

Q: What resolution of video recording supported by Redmi 2?
A: The 2.0 megapixel front camera Support 720P HD video recording. And, The 8 megapixel back camera Support 1080P FULL-HD video recording.

Q: How can I locate the IMEI on my phone?
A: There are three ways in which you can do this.
1.   Check the package for the IMEI number. We advise all our customers to keep the package and note the IMEI number at the very beginning.
2.   Go to “Settings” >>“General Settings” >> “About Phone” >> “Status” >> “IMEI”
3.   Dial *#06# (this applies to phones of all brands, not just Xiaomi)

Q: Where is the notification light located, and what is its function?
A: The notification light of Redmi 2 is located below the Home button. It will be blinking when there is a missed call or message, and when the phone is charging. If the phone is very low on power, the light will shine all the time.

The colour of the notification light is different for each status. You can change the notification colour as you like.
Go to “Settings” >> “General Settings” >> “Notification Light” >>“Pulse Notification Light”.

Q: Why can’t I hear the caller’s voice when I use a non-Xiaomi headset?
A: There are two industry standards for the 3.5mm headset : CTIA and OMTP. The Redmi 2 phone and headset are matched with the CTIA standard. So, if you are using a non-Xiaomi headset, it will not work. You may try out the headset with another phone or device.
Or you can dial *#*#6484#*#* to try and detect the headset. If the headset is not detected, please contact the nearest service centre for help.

Q: In how many colours Redmi 2 is available?
A: Redmi 2 is available in 5 colours, which are White, Dark Gray, Bright Yellow, Light Green, and Pink.

Q: What is the price of Redmi 2?
A: 699 RMB which is approximately 112 USD.

Q: How to identify fake Redmi 2?
A: You can check IMEI code & S/N code or Test with Official MIUI Rom.
Or, You can check with MiPhone Anti-Fake Identifier App, which is availble here: and

Q: How to buy Xiaomi products & identify fake ones?

Questions About MIUI and Questions About Other Software Issues :

Q: When will i get MIUI 6 on Redmi 2?
A: Great news, Redmi 2 already comes with MIUI 6.

Q: When i will get Kernel Source of Redmi 2?
A: There is no official news about when the Kernel Source of Redmi 2 will be released. But you can follow the Vice President of Xiaomi, Mr. Hugo Barra on his social media pages for more info.

Q: When i will get Android - 5.0 Lollipop Build for Redmi 2?
A: There is no official news about when the Android - 5.0 Lollipop Build for Redmi 2 will be released. But you can follow the Vice President of Xiaomi, Mr. Hugo Barra on his social media pages for more info, and stay tuned on his forum.

Q: How do I solve the flash-out problem of apps?
A: To solve this problem, please do the following.
1.   Delete all data of the flash-out app. Take WhatsApp, for example.

Method: Run WhatsApp >> Long-press the Menu key >> Long press the app to enter its info >> Clear data
2.   Uninstall the app, re-install it, and try again.
3.   Download it from other app stores.
4.   Try other software with similar functions.

Q: Why are there are no Developer Options in Redmi 2? How do I enable USB debugging?
A: When you connect your phone to a PC to manage the phone through third-party software, it may prompt you to enable the USB debugging option. The USB debugging function can be found in the phone’s Developer Options. But for Android 4.2 and higher versions, Google hides the Developer Options, by default. Since Redmi 2 employs Android 4.4.4, the Developer Options on the phone are hidden.

Method to enable Developer Options: Go to “Settings” >> “About Phone” >>“Android Version” (tap seven times).
When you view Settings now, you will see Developer Options. You can now enable USB debugging in Developer Options.

Q: How do I enable the Lite Mode in Redmi 2?
A: The Lite Mode is a new feature of the Redmi 2, which offers aged people a better experience with bigger font size, a simplified UI, and easier settings.
To activate this feature:
Go to "Settings” >> “General Settings" >> (System) >>“Lite Mode Settings" >> switch it on. The phone will reboot automatically.

Q: Why can’t the person on the other end of the line hear our communication clearly?
A: This could be due to several possible reasons.
1.   Weak signal strength at the receiver’s and the caller’s ends may affect the clarity of sound.
2.   To check if there’s a problem with the microphone (Mic), you may try using the “Recorder” app. The quality of recording will indicate if the Mic is okay.
3.   Do not cover the Mic while talking and do not talk far away from the Mic. Redmi 2 adopts Dual-Mic Noise-Suppression technology, which filters noise to improve the quality of communication. If you talk far away from the Mic, your voice might be filtered out as noise.

Q: What should I do if my contacts are not displayed in WhatsApp?
A: If your contacts do not appear in the Select Contact list, it’s most likely due to the Security app denying WhatsApp from accessing your contact list.
1.   Confirm that the contacts are already saved on your phone.
2.   Make sure the person you want to contact is using WhatsApp.
3.   Launch the Security app.
4.   Tap “Permission” >> “Manage App Permission” >> “Contacts”.
5.   Find WhatsApp and ensure the permission is set to “Allow”. If not, change it to “Allow”.
6.   Now refresh the contact list in WhatsApp.

Q: What should I do if I get disconnected while connecting to Wi-Fi?
A: Being unable to connect to Wi-Fi has much to do with the router. For example, routers in some companies may restrict MAC address or some settings may become invalid after long-time operation. We advise our customers to try other Wi-Fi hotspots in such cases. But here are some other things you could try.
1.   Forget network, then re-connect,and use the Android keyboard to input password.
2.   Try to input Static IP address.
3.   Update the ROM to the latest version.
4.   Back up and factory-reset the phone, and try to connect again.
5.   Try to reboot the router.
6.   Try connecting to another Wi-Fi hotspot.
7.   If it doesn’t connect with anyother WI-Fi, please contact your nearest service centre.

Q: How do I uninstall an app on my Redmi 2?
A: Please follow the following steps to uninstall an app from your Redmi 2.

Uninstall an app from the App Info screen:
1.   Go to “Settings” >>“General settings” >> “Apps” >> “Downloaded”
2.   Find and tap the app you want to uninstall.
3.   Tap the Uninstall button.
4.   When you’re prompted to confirm the deletion, tap “OK”.

Uninstall an app via the GooglePlay app:
1.   Launch the Play Store app.
2.   Tap the Menu button in the upper left corner and select “My Apps”.
3.   Find and tap the app you want to uninstall.
4.   Tap “Uninstall”.
5.   When you’re prompted to confirm the deletion, tap “OK”.

Q: How do I access Mi-Recovery?
A: The Redmi 2 comes with Mi-Recovery, which lets you do things such as resetting your phone to the factory settings and rebooting your phone using either the latest or original firmware.
To access Mi-Recovery on your phone:
1.   Power off your phone.
2.   Press the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time. Then release the Power button first when you see the white Mi logo. Don’t release the Volume Up button until you’ve entered the Mi-Recovery mode.
3.   You will see a menu to choose a language. In this mode, you can use the Volume +/- keys to select up/down and the Power key to confirm your selection.
4.   After the language menu, you’ll see the main menu that lets you execute all the functions. Again, use the Volume +/- keys to select up/down and the Power key to confirm your selection.

Note: Do not use the “Wipe All Data” option casually. It may delete all your photos, videos and other data from the virtual SD card. We recommend that you save a backup of all your data on your PC first, if you wish to use the “Wipe All Data” option.

Q: How do I back up my phone?
A: Backing up your phone is important because it allows you to recover all your personal data, apps and settings, if you ever need to restore your phone. Xiaomi makes it easy by featuring the built-in Backup app on your phone. Here is how to use the Backup app to do a backup and restore.

To back up your phone’s data and settings:
1.   Launch the Backup app.
2.   Select the items you want to backup. By default, all items are selected.
3.   Tap “Back up”.
4.   When the backup completes, tap “Done”.
The backup files/folders generated are saved in the MIUI/Backup/AllBackup/folder. If your phone is connected to your PC, you can copy the data to your computer.

To restore a backup:
1.   Launch the Backup app.
2.   Tap the backup files you want to restore.
3.   Select the items you want to restore.
4.   Tap “Restore”.

What else you can do with the Backup app:
1.   You can tap the Lock button to encrypt your backup. But please note that in order to encrypt the backups, you need to sign in with your Xiaomi account.
2.   You can also automate the backups. To do this, on the Backup app, tap the Menu button >> Automatic Backup Settings and slide the Automatic Backup switch to the right. Here you can customize a few things: Backup Frequency, Backup Time and Backup Items.

Q: Why can’t the phone be switched on after long-pressing the power button?
A: There could be several possible reasons for this. It is necessary to determine the operation that’s causing the problem.
1.   Try switching on the phone with another battery to test the possibility of a battery problem.
2.   The phone might be switched off because of low battery power or because the phone has been in a non-power state for long. If the phone is switched off because of low battery power, the battery will be in a resting state. If that’s the case, please charge the battery before trying to switch on the phone.
3.   If the screen is stuck on the yellow Mi logo, it may be a software problem. In this case, please switch the phone into “Recovery Mode” >> “Wipe & Reset” >>“Wipe User Data”. Alternately, choose “Wipe All Data”.
4.   If the screen is stuck on the white Mi logo, it is a serious problem of the system. In this case, please do a fastboot, or contact your nearest service center for help.

Note: To flash the Redmi 2, choose flash_all_except_data_storage.bat to avoid data loss. It is advisable to back up all your data at the very beginning.

Q: If I do a factory reset on my Redmi 2, will it affect the information stored in Mi Cloud?
A: No, if you have logged in to your Mi Account and synced all data previously. The data stored in the Mi Cloud servers will not be affected by the operation of factory reset, or wipe and reset (Recovery Mode).

Q: How do I create a Mi Cloud account?
A: There  are two ways to create a Mi Cloud account.
1.   Go to “Settings” >> ”Mi Cloud”. You must bundle your phone number (recommended) or your email account with your Mi Cloud account.
2.   Access either of the following websites from your PC to create the account: OR
3.   If you encounter a problem with receiving the verification code on your phone, it might be because:
4.   You have asked your network operator to block notification messages. If that’s the case, please contact your network operator to enable the same.
5.   You may have set very strict blocking rules in your phone settings. Go to “Security App” >>“Blocklist” >> gear icon >> “Switch on Notification for Blocked Calls”
6.   Servers are busy. Please wait for some time and try again.
7.   The security settings on your PC are set at advanced levels. You may change the settings as required.

Q: How do I ‘factory reset’ my Redmi 2?
A: You may do a factory reset in the following manner.

Using factory data reset option:
1.   Tap “Settings” >> “General settings” >> “Backup & Reset” >> “Factory Data Reset”
2.   Here, you can decide if you want to delete the downloaded apps and stored content

Using Mi-Recovery:
If you are unable to access the Settings app, you may do a factory reset using Mi-Recovery: Wipe & Reset>> Wipe All Data.

Q: How do I set a ringtone for a particular contact?
A: You can assign a ringtone to a contact or a group of contacts.

Assigning a ringtone to a contact:
1.   Launch the Contacts app.
2.   Find and tap the contact you wish to assign a ringtone to.
3.   Tap to select the ringtone of your choice.

Assigning a ringtone to a contact group:
You can also assign a ringtone to a contact group. When you do so, all the contacts in that group will have their ringtones changed to the one you've assigned to the group.
1.   Launch the Contacts app.
2.   Find and tap “My Groups”.
3.   Find and tap the group you wish to set the new ringtone for.
4.   Tap the Group Ringtone icon to select a new ringtone.

Q: How do I customize the Quick Settings button on the Toggle Screen?
A: The Toggle Screen, which can be accessed by dragging the status bar down from the top, allows you to turn on/off certain features quickly. If you wish to change the default arrangement:
1.   Swipe the notification panel open from the top.
2.   Tap “Toggles” >> “More”
3.   On the Manage Toggles screen, tap and hold icon marked with red below the Active Bar and drag it to the area above the bar. The 11 items above the Active Bar are the buttons that will be shown on the Toggle Screen.

Q: How can I do a screen capture?
A: There are three ways to do a screen capture.

Method 1 : Press the Power button and Volume Down button
Press the Power button and Volume Down button at the same time for one or two seconds. The screen will flash, and if your phone is not on Silent or Vibration mode, you’ll hear the shutter sound.

Method 2 : Press the Menu button and Volume Down button
The process and the result are the same as in Method 1.

Method 3 : Use the Screenshot shortcut
Slide the notification panel open from the top of the screen. Tap “Toggles” >>“Screenshot”

Note: The image that’s created is saved as a .PNG file in the DCIM/Screenshots folder.

Q: How do I hide an album from appearing in my phone’s Gallery?
A: To prevent unwanted albums from showing up in the Gallery:
1.   Tap “Gallery” >> “Local Images”
2.   Long-tap to select the album you want to hide, then press “Hidden Album”

How to “unhide” a hidden album?
1.   Tap “Gallery” >> “Local images”
2.   Tap the Menu button and select“Show Hidden Albums”
3.   Long-tap to select the hidden album you want to “unhide”, then press “Unhide Album”.

Q: How do I set up my Redmi 2 as a portable Wi-Fi router?
A: You can use the Portable Hotspot feature to share your phone’s Internet connection with several devices via Wi-Fi.
1.   Tap “Settings” >> “General Settings” >> “More” >> “Tethering & Portable Hotspot” >>tap “Portable Hotspot” to turn it on.
2.   Next, you can tap “Set up Portable Hotspot” to configure the Wi-Fi network ID, security type and password.

Q: Why do some apps disappear after factory reset?
A: This occurs if you choose the “Wipe All Data” option during factory reset. In that case, you simply need to download the latest installation pack.
Note: It is highly recommended to back up your data in advance.

Q: How do I transfer contacts from a phone of some other make to my Redmi 2?
A: There are several ways to do this.

Tap “Contacts” >> “Menu”>> “Import/Export” >> “Import from another Phone” >> “Other Phones”, select "My Phone has Bluetooth", click "OK” and turn on the Bluetooth function on the other phone. After pairing with Redmi 2, select the account and wait for the transfer to complete.

Note: In order to ensure smooth Bluetooth pairing, it is recommended to turn off Wi-Fi during the pairing process.

SIM card:
Copy the contacts to the SIM card on your Redmi 2: Go to “Contacts” >> “Menu” >> “Import/Export Contacts” >> “Import from SIM card”.
Export the contacts from the other phone and save them on your PC as a vCard file with the extension .vcf
Connect your Redmi 2 to the PC>> Move the vCard file to the Redmi 2 >> click “Contacts”>>“Menu” >> “Import/Export” >> “Import from Storage”. The system will automatically search the phone for the vCard file. After that, select the vCard file, and wait for the import to complete.

Sync through Mi Cloud Service:
If you have synced your contacts to Mi Cloud, we suggest you export the contacts in the vCard format from MiCloud, and then import the vCard to your Redmi 2.

Steps for transferring contacts from iPhone (I Cloud service) to the Redmi 2:
Enter, sign in Apple ID >> choose Contacts >> click the gear-shaped Option button on lower left corner of the address book >> choose Select All>> Export vCard >> save it to your computer. Then import the vCard to your Redmi 2.

Using third-party synchronization software to sync contacts:
Let’s take the QQ synchronization assistant (WeSync), for example.
Download and install QQ synchronization assistant (WeSync) >> sign in to QQ account to sync contacts to the network >> Download and install QQ synchronization assistant in your Redmi 2 >> sign in to the same QQ account >>choose “Restore to Phone”.

Q: Why can’t the SIM card be detected in my Redmi 2?
A: Redmi 2 designed to support a Micro-SIM card, so other SIM card will not be detected. If you’re facing this problem with a Micro SIM card:
1.   Dial *#*#6484#*#* to run a hardware test. If it shows “No SIM card detected”, it means that the SIM card is unavailable.
2.   To test the possibility of SIM card damage or unavailability, please try inserting a different SIM card in the phone.
3.   Upgrade the system to the latest version.
4.   If none of the steps work, please contact your nearest service centre for help.

Q: Why does the screen go black when I am on a call?
A: In case this happens:
1.   Check if you are using a screen protector (not original) or sticker. If it’s covering the sensor, it may cause the screen to go black.
2.   It is normal for the screen to go black during a call as the side of your face would be covering the sensor. But if your face moves away from the screen, the screen will turn on again. If you wish to disable this function, go to Dial Pad >> “Settings” >>“Call Settings” >> “Incoming Call Settings” >> “Proximity Sensor”>> (turn off this function)
3.   You may dial *#*#6468#*#* to run hardware tests to see if the proximity sensor is working okay. When you cover the sensor, the figure in the middle should show 0.0; when you uncover the sensor, the figure in the middle should show some value like 5.000305. If that’s case, the proximity sensor is working fine. If the figures are different from these, please re-calibrate and try again. If the figures are still not right, the proximity sensor is probably damaged. In that case, please contact your nearest service centre for help.

Q: Why is the storage space different when I check it on my computer and my Redmi 2?
A: This is because the storage unit used in the Redmi 2 employs a different conversion ratio (1MB = 1000KB, 1KB = 1000B) from that used in the manufacture of PCs (1MB= 1024KB, 1KB = 1024B).
Besides, there are other things like system files, data files, caches and backup files, which occupy some of the storage space on the phone. The same is true for PCs as well, where a 256GB hard disk is detected with approximately 238GB of usable space.

Q: Why is the phone unable to charge?
A: Please check if the phone is in the On state or Off.
If it is on, please:
a) Change the cable
b) Change the charger
c) Retry after power-off
If the phone is switched off and the battery is completely drained of power, please charge the phone for at least 15 minutes to see if it’s charging. If the phone is still unable to charge, please contact your nearest service centre for help.

Q: What should I do if I lose my contacts?
A: Please as certain if your contacts are really lost or if they are hidden in some manner.
1.   The contacts on can be saved on the phone, in the SIM card, or they can be synced with Mi Account or other accounts. You can define the way you view your contacts. If your contacts are saved on the SIM card, but if the option of “Show SIM Contacts” is not enabled, you will not be able to see the contacts. In this case, you only need to go to “Contacts” >> “Menu” >> “Display Preferences” >> “Show SIM Contacts” >> (switch on)
2.   If the contacts have indeed disappeared from the phone due to some reason, please check if you have enabled Mi Cloud service and synced the contacts at any time previously. If so, you can restore the contacts through Mi Service.
3.   Please check if you have backed up your contacts in other ways such as a build-in backup, QQ assistant, or any other, which can help you restore the missing contacts.
We strongly advise our customers to bind the Mi Account to back up their data in advance.

Q: Why is the battery power being consumed at such a fast rate?
A: The normal standby time of the Redmi 2 is 24 hours under non-intense using conditions. But it can vary depending on your usage habits. Playing games, browsing the web, or watching movies on the phone can use up battery power at a fast rate. Please under take the following exercise if you wish to determine the cause of the fast power consumption.
1.   Check the time elapsed between 100% battery status to the time you are prompted to charge the battery. Make a note if you used the phone for power-heavy applications (like the ones listed above) during this time.
2.   To save battery power, it is advisable to long-press the Menu key to clear the back-end programs, and to keep the phone in the Airplane Mode while you are asleep at night. Normally, the phone will consume only 2-5% power in the Airplane Mode as against 10% in Standby Mode.
3.   Check the charging time. Leave the phone alone to see how long the battery sustains power (it usually lasts at least two days).
4.   If your phone usage is not power-consuming, but the battery is still being used up fast, please contact your nearest service centre for help.

Q: What should I do if my phone gets stuck or frozen?
A: The phone may get stuck while using certain apps or the sliding screen, or while processing a large amount of data.
1.   If it’s an app problem, please wait for 1-2 minutes. If the app is unresponsive and prompts you to stop it, please close the app and run it again.
2.   If many apps are running simultaneously in the back-end, they will occupy a large amount of RAM. If the phone freezes for a long time, please press the Menu key to show the running tasks and close some or all of them.
3.   The phone may be stuck because of the opening transition animation.
4.   Go to “Settings” >>“Developer Options” >> “Window Animation Scale & Transition Animation Scale & Animator Duration Scale” >> switch off
5.   Uninstall Optimization / Battery Saving / Safety Guard apps. Close the start-up apps that aren't frequently used.
6.   Back up and factory-reset the phone; flash to the latest ROM can optimize the system operating speed.

Q: Why can’t I download apps from Google Play Store?
A: In case you are unable to download apps from the Google Play Store:
1.   Check if your network connection is good enough for app download. Google disallows download of certain data flow consuming apps on mobile networks, by default. In that case, you will see a prompt asking you to download the app over a WLAN connection.
2.   Check if you have set a data limit for Google Play Store in Data Usage. Go to “Security” >> “Data Usage” >> “Restrict” >> find the “Google Play Store” app, and cancel the data limit.
3.   Remove the current Google account. Go to “Settings” >> “General Settings” >> “(Account) Google”>> Select Your Email Account >> Press the Menu button on the touch keypad >> “Remove Account”
4.   Once the account has been removed, go to “Settings” >> “General Settings” >> “Apps” >>find and enter “Google Play Store”. Click on “Clear Cache” in the menu. Now, go back to “Settings” >> “Accounts”. Once your Google account has been added and set up, try downloading the app again.
5.   Some third-party apps installed in the handset may result in the failure of apps download from Google PlayStore. If you know which app is prohibiting the download, please change its setting.
6.   If none of the above methods work, please back up your data and do a factory reset.

Q: Why can’t I receive push notification when I quit the Line app or WhatsApp?
A: Normally, push notification is available only when the chatting apps are in use or running in the back-end. If you sign out of the apps or clear the RAM of these apps, it will result in the unavailability of push notification.
If you want to receive push notification, please lock these chatting apps when they clear up, and enable the app auto-start option.
1.   Go to “Security” >>“Permission” >> “Auto-start Management” >> add auto-start apps
2.   To enable push notification in the status bar, go to “Settings” >> “Notifications” >> “Manage Notifications” >> Open WhatsApp >> “Show in Status Bar” (switch on)
3.   Long-tap the Menu key to enter the recent apps back-end. Drag down the app icon to lock it, so it will not be cleared in the following clear-up operation.

Q: Why is a call from an unknown number silent at first?
A: You may sometimes see an incoming call from an unknown contact, but hear the ring only after a while. This is a default setting of Redmi 2 in order to shield you from crank calls, which ring for only a few seconds. If the call is from a person whose number is not in your contacts list, the ring will be silent to begin with. If the call persists, you will hear the ring after a while. To change this setting, you can go to Dial Pad >> “Setting” >> “Call Settings” >> “Incoming Call Settings” >> “Mute Unknown Settings” >> (switch off).

Q: Is there any Official Developer ROM for Redmi 2? Is it Pre-Rooted?
A: There is Official Developer ROM for Redmi 2 is available. Yes, 
Developer ROM for Redmi 2 comes Pre-Rooted.

Q: From where i can download Official Developer ROM for Redmi 2?
A: You can download from here :

Q: How to root Redmi 2?
A: You can Flash Developer ROM on Redmi 2 if you want Root Access.

Q: How to connect my Redmi 2 to computer using USB cable.
A: First you need to upgrade your Redmi 2 to the latest version. Go to Developers Options and turn on USB debugging.

Q: What to do if I encounter bug(s) on Redmi 2?
A: You can check if you bug(s) have been reported 
hereIf not then you can report.

Q: Is there any Phone manager for Redmi 2 for my desktop or PC suit?
A: Yes, It is available and you can download it from here :

Q: How to apply and delete MIUI Themes?

Q: How do i disable vibration on keyboard touch?

A: Goto "General Settings" --> "Language & Input" --> Under "Keyboard & Input Method"  --> Now select the Keyboard you are using for which you want to disable the vibration on keypress  --> Sound & Vibration --> Turn Off Keypress vibration.


Goto "General Settings" --> "Language & Input" --> Under "Keyboard & Input Method"  --> Now select the Keyboard you are using for which you want to disable the vibration on keypress  --> Turn Off the "Vibrate on Keypress".

Q: How to download large app in Google Playstore using data?
A: Check This Link : and

Q: Any Custom Recovery is available for Redmi 2?
A: Yes, CWM Recovery is available for Redmi 2 and it's here :

Q: Any Custom ROM is available for Redmi 2?
A: Yes, CyanogenMod CM11 ROM based on Android 4.4.4 for Redmi 2 is available for Redmi 2 and it's here :

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