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Xiaomi’s smart lightblub enters in final production stage

A couple of months after Xiaomi’s four new smart home gadgets were announced, one of them – the Yeelight smart lightbulb – is nearly ready to make its debut. The Xiaomi Router’s official Weibo account posted on Monday that the Yeelight is now entering beta testing. Fill out this survey by the end of this week and you could be one of 50 lucky beta users to receive a free lightbulb. You’ll need to be sure you’re following the Xiaomi Router Weibo account to be considered.
Filling out the survey will also put you on the list for Xiaomi’s other smart home gadgets when they’re ready for testing, assuming that your answers show you fit the profile of the testers Xiaomi is looking for.
The Yeelight, according to the Weibo post, is “an exclusive accessory of the Xiaomi Router,” which certainly seems to imply that the lightbulb won’t work with other routers. However, Yeelight is actually a Chinese startup that graduated out of HAXLR8R. The companymaintains a separate website for the Yeelight and is headquartered in a different city from Xiaomi, so it seems likely that it’ll be possible to use Yeelights on other routers too.
The Yeelight is an LED lightblub that can display more than 1,600 different colors. Its companion app allows you to control the lightbulb remotely, and select light presets for specific circumstances like “waking up” or “watching a movie.”

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