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Redmi Note 3G/4G : applications moved to the SD card Problems and Soultions

Can Redmi Note applications can be moved to the SD card

Sorry, MIUI system does not allow software installation to SD card, because programs installed to the SD card will cause the following problems: 
1 slow down the loading speed of the phone; 
2. cause poor stability; 
3 Power consumption is large. 
Based on the above considerations, Redmi Note does not provide settings/software to install to the SD card, this design is to ensure that products bring you a better experience. 

Redmi Note does not recognize the SD card, what do I do? If the phone cannot identify Redmi Note external SD card, you can try to resolve using the following ways: 
1 Go to System Settings - Storage --SD card. See if uninstalling the SD card and re-plugging the SD card will help; 
2 Remove the SD card through the card reader access to PC, PC to see whether the identification, to determine whether there is an SD card failure; 
3 If SD card is working properly, but the phone still cannot read it, it is recommended that you bring the phone to the nearest Xiaomi authorized repair point for testing.

Why does the "Others" portion take up so much space? 

The "Others" portion refers to the files on SD card which are files other than music, videos and pictures. For example, game data files from installation package, or document formats which cannot be recognised by the phone system, files which phone backup file management can not directly. Mostly due to the existing classification of media files, the phone will have a large number of non-media-files simultaneously, so the volume occupied by “Others” will be relatively large, this is a normal phenomenon.
As the "Other" includes a lot of files which have different functions, there is no direct delete button. You need to identify and carefully remove your own files. You can use the file manager file cleanup function to clear junk files.
Redmi Note how to add contacts to the SIM card?
If you want to add a contact to the SIM card, you will first need to open the option to display the SIM card contacts, as follows:
In the Address Book page, click the menu button - settings - to display contacts - display SIM card contacts. After selecting New contacts, you can select the storage path to the SIM card to save to.

Redmi Note how to connect a computer? 

If you want the phone connected to the computer to read the SD card information, you will first need to connect your phone computer via USB cable,:
After connecting your phone via USB data cable to your computer, select the media device (MTP) connections, "my computer" will appear in the portable media player, double click to open, you can see the built-in memory and external SD card letter, Please note that due to the Windows system through the Windows Media Player (Microsoft's own media player software) integrated MTP / PTP protocol for reading and writing to memory devices, if your computer has no such software or has a outdated software version, it is recommended you upgrade after installing Windows Media Player version 10.0 or above;
Select the camera (PTP) connection, a "My Computer" in the digital camera, you can see the open virtual memory drive, you can view DCIM and Pictures folder files. (External SD card photo files can not be viewed through this form of connection);
If above tips does not show any content after your phone is connected after the computer, we recommend that you try to switch to a different connection, and you can switch to a different data type or USB interface attempts. 


  1. awesome phone at reasonable price.lucky to get two through Flipkart.

  2. this is ridiculous, i want apps to be installed, the internal memory is not enough just 4gb in note 4g