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Interview with Lei Jun : having more friends than enemy; Xiaomi will reach US eventually

Below are some important points taken during the talk : 

Xiaomi starting to go internationally and will reach United States eventually

Lei Jun : AlthoughXiaomi just founded for 4 and a half years, but one and a half year ago we already started focus our market internationally and currently our products are available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India and Indonesia. We own the smartphone market in these countries and our goal is tobecome most popular smartphone brand in India and i have faith we will become India largest smartphone brand.

Host : Wow, hopefully you guys will reach Silicon Valley soon !
Lei Jun : As you all know, the smartphone market is very competitive, i think we will begin our market in India, Indonesia, Russia and Brazil and all around the world and then only we will enter United State's market.

Host : What is your opinion about acquiring some famous companies in the world to spread out the market globally ?
Lei Jun : For Xiaomi we do need talented and skillful peole to help us in this aspect, that is why we hired Hugo which worked in google before. His experience will help us alot.

Lei Jun : My philosophy is make as much friends as you can and minimise your enemies

Host : Besides Xiaomi,  now Mr Lei Jun's you are having some share in famous chinese companies such as YY, Xunlei, Liebao, and Kingsoft so my question is, will it be your best weapon to knockout your enemies?
Lei Jun : The first company that i joined was Kingsoft. Based on my 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, i have found out a special recipe that is make as much friends as you can. I like to have many friends. Today i chatted with one friend, i told him what is Xiaomi's strategy in my point of view. Less eventually equal to more. Why do i say so? If we can restrain our greedy and have an open mind, indirectly we will have more friends and the time we spend to argue with people will be lesser too. During this period, we invested on Baidu and today i announced that we invested on iqiyi (both are online streaming site in China). There are still some many online streaming site out there so should i acquire all of them in order to reduce my enemies? The answer is NO,  as long as what i needed can be used in our devices then that is enough. ( Example Baidu music that can be found in China ROM) 

The era of Mobile Internet has just begun

Host : I think you are very optimist in mobile internet and this is totally different from your friends. In past interview , Zhou said mobile internet is very risky as the bigger company will become stronger andstronger and lastly own the market and those smaller ones will disqualifed by them. That is quite saddening. 
Lei Jun : Over the past few years are the years of the great development of the mobile Internet and now the development of the second phase has just begun . For example , just as what we did in cheetah mobile ( their famous app is cleanmaster) , from nothing to something and in May we successfully listed in the US market.So I do believe that the mobile Internet business is just the beginning.

Host : So Mr Lei Jun,  do we still see any potential companies that run based on mobile internet this year?
Lei Jun : Of course ! This year i see a very new concept platform that is called "Wei Dian" (we chat + taobao) . I think the sales can reach 300 millions.

Host : So can they challenge the larger platforms in the future?
Lei Jun : For mobile providers this is a very new model and a new beginning. If you want to join mobile internet this field, remember this few keywords : concentrate, agreesive, fast and reputation.We have to make people understand about sense of participation. They will promote for us and then we can use this united strength to push our brand furher and further. I think this is the strength of Internet.

HostSo based on current devolpment will we beat Apple in one day?
Lei Jun : My heart do think so but this is not said by me 

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