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How to do Calendar Cloud Syncing

Have you ever faced a situation in which your Calendar contents were lost due to flashing a new ROM, lost your phone or changed to a new phone? Were you annoyed by this problem? Tried using third party apps that support Cloud Syncing but it's not perfoming up to expectations? Now, you no longer have to fear this problem. 

Introducing the new Calendar Cloud Sync
It used to be hard to choose a calendar app that best suite your needs back when MIUI 6 was just launched, since Calendar back then lacks cloud syncing, thus users have to go through the trouble of creating new accounts just for the sake of cloud sync for third party calendar apps. 


Now, all you need is to hit a toggle in MiCloud settings, then Voila! It's up and running.

Local Calendar data will be instantly synced to the cloud and it's upgraded to Mi Calendar, with a sweet beautiful purple tint.


This minor change will also occur to event details, with the Local Calendar nomenclature changed to Mi Calendar.


All calendar entries added previously and after this update will be synced to Mi Cloud. If you sign into multiple devices using the same account, the calendar entries will be synced to the devices, never fear of lost data anymore. 

What do you think about this feature? Share your thoughts down below and drop some ratings if you think this is good and useful. 

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