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Redmi Note vs. Note Enhanced vs. Note 4G (Specs Comparison)

Xiaomi has just announced its latest note variant, the Redmi Note 4G last August 06. Users maybe wondering how does it differ with the older versions of Redmi Note. I have made charts grouped into categories for a clear comparison of the original redmi note, the enhanced version, and the 4G version. I hope this simple review will help you decide which redmi note is the best for you.

        Derived on its name, the Redmi Note 4G triumphs in data connectivity for its LTE Support. Users can now enjoy blazing download and browsing speeds compared to the older variants. However, Note 4G has only single-sim slot unlike the older released Redmi which maybe a turn-off for many.

        Physically, there are no difference in its build, except that the Redmi Note 4G is 10 grams lighter than the older variants.

        In this category, all 3 variants have the same stunning configurations. They all have nice viewing angles because of the IPS Technology, as well as crisp display because of the HD screen resolution.

Redmi Note Enhanced and Redmi Note 4G both have 2 gigabytes of ram, leaving the original Redmi note variant behind. Xiaomi has added a larger expandable storage on its latest Redmi Note 4G. It’s an advantage for those who store a lot of media files like music and movies to their device.

        When it comes to connectivity, the Redmi Note 4G now supports dual-band Wi-Fi connection. With, that users can connect into a more stable 5 GHz Wi-Fi band.  The latest variant also includes LTE capability which is mentioned earlier.

For the camera,all of them feature the same great configuration – 13MP rear camera for shooting almost everything, and a decent 5MP camera for high quality selfies and video chat.

        While the first two variants of Redmi Note use a Mediatek chipset, the new Redmi Note 4G is ran by a Qualcomm chip. Both chips are really powerful when it comes to gaming and multitasking, though when it comes to benchmarks, the MT6592 scores higher than the Snapdragon 400. The MTK variants have an 8-core processor while the 4G version has 4.  However, it also is known that devices with Qualcomm chips have better 3rd party support and development compared to Mediatek devices so that could be an advantage of the latest 4G variant. It’s evident with the Android 4.4.4 support it has out of the box.

It is clear that the original Redmi Note is left out of the game, leaving theRedmi Note Enhanced and Redmi Note 4G in the battle. Deciding which of the twois better now depends to the needs and taste of the user.

My Reasons to buy Redmi Note Enhanced:
  • Faster processor/chipset
  • Dual Sim capability
  • Do not need LTE
  • Do not need future 3rd party development support (CM, AOSPA, etc)

My Reasons to buy Redmi Note 4G
  • LTE Connectivity
  • The fact that it is a Qualcomm Device (more open source, get faster updates, etc)
  • A very decent hardware/chipset
  • Wants 3rd party rom/software developments like cyanogen mod, aospa, etc
  • Do not need Dual-sim support.

So if you are to choose, which one suits you? Share your thoughts below :)