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Introducing MIUI 6: Visually Stunning, Stunningly Simple

The long-expected MIUI 6 is finally here! Visually stunning, Stunningly Simple. It's a new chapter for MIUI. And here is a full review for you to get a taste of it.

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We believe that it takes more than justgood features to create a beautiful design. From orderly workflows, clearhierarchies and fluent responses, we believe that good design exists in everytap, drag and pinch you make. Natural and intuitive, just the way it should be.This is MIUI 6. It's visually stunning, stunningly simple. It's the start of anew chapter.

MIUI 6 Design: Less is more
We want to create a ROM with the best user experience. So we've stripped away unnecessary distractions sothat you can really focus on the rights things, in the right place, when youneed them. Simple is the key word here.

Home screen. All-new icons.
The home screen has always been the centralplace to switch between apps and enable or disable features. With MIUI 6, we'vebrought in new global operation gestures that are also optimized for devices withlarge screens. Batch organize icons, quick search tools and other features areeasy, intuitive, and even fun to use.

New design for tools. Calendar, Calculator, Weather, Compass, Clock and more.

Editing home screen. Widgets. Wallpapers.

Home screen gestures
Access the Notification Center from anyscreen, including the lock screen. Just swipe down and swipe up to call out theglobal search panel. Get up to speed.

Mi Cloud
Mi Cloud lets you access your photos,contacts, messages, call logs and more from anywhere. With 10 GB of freestorage and more powerful features, Mi Cloud seamlessly syncs all content onyour Mi Phone, Mi Pad, Mi TV and more.

Mi Cloud backs up your photos over Wi-Fi, allowing you to view them from anytime, anywhere. Create a shared photo streamfor your vacation and you can see photo and video contributions on this streamon your 49-inch Mi TV. You can also choose to only share your content with yourfriends and family. With distributed data storage mechanisms on Mi Cloud, all data received is encrypted from transmission to storage. Your Miaccount also requires two-step sign in authentication, so that only you canaccess your information. The privacy and security of your content is of utmostimportance to us.

Mi Cloud allows you to sync bookmarks inthe MIUI Browser. You can continue browsing web sites on your Mi Pad from whereyou left off on your Mi Phone.  

Save power: MIUI 6 comes with more power-saving modesto adjust the standby time of your device. You no longer have to worry aboutrunning out of battery at moments when you need it the most.

MIUI 6 introduces various Linux kernel& RAM optimization techniques, which allow applications to run more efficiently. It is much faster and super awesome.
- Smart CGroup
- Bitmap Cache
- TrimHeaps

With MIUI 6, you won't need extra safety tools. Top security is guaranteed within the operating system to protect against malicious apps and viruses. The built-in Permission in MIUI 6 prevents unauthorized apps from accessing your data without your permission. Besides,the exclusive Virus Scan helps you check and kill virus before installing any app. We've got it covered.

Clean Master, the world's most downloaded Android cleaner, is built-in to help you free up storage, boost memory, enhancespeed, and secure your device against malicious apps and vulnerabilities.

With complete network control features,Data Usage is capable of helping you monitor network traffic and save data.

Camera App


Contact/Dial Pad
It's the most basic function you wouldexpect your phone to have, and now we've made the phone call experience evenbetter. With MIUI 6, you can identify, mark or block unwanted calls withseveral detailed options.

We've redesigned the Mail app to put allmails with the same subject into one folder so that you can see what's new at aglance. Decide which emails you want to read first and when. An attachment listalso allows you to view and save attachments directly. Hundreds of mailaccounts types are supported, just fill in your email address and password.



Do Not Disturb






System App

Developer Options

So, what do you want to know about MIUI 6 further?

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