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Downloading flashing tools and ROM pack

Downloading flashing tools and ROM pack

Go to the MIUI website Download Now
Choose your Device
Download the latest MIUI ROM for your Device installation package 

Download MIUI ROM-flashing tools Save the file to desktop of the computer and unzip it. 

Prepare a MicroSD card with more than 2GB free space. Don’t unzip MIUI_ROM installation package, copy it into the root directory of your SD card.

Flashing ROM FAQ:

(source-XDA Devlopers)
1. How often is MIUI ROM updated?
MIUI ROM is updated at 5 pm every Friday (except holidays)
2. How do I know this update?
Update notice is released every Wednesday night.
3. What can I do if I have a problem with MIUI ROM?
You can seek help through the following ways:
(1) Check the list of this FAQ;
(2) Write a post in MIUI forum;
(3) Click on the phone's desktop widget "What do you want to say to us?", go to "My MIUI ", select the first option "feedback problems" to get your problems published.
4. What should I do if OTA package is too large to update online?
You may download the update package (.ZIP) in the forum and put it into the SD card of your phone. And then enter "System Update", press the menu button and choose "Select ROM Installation ", select update package in the SD card to finish upgrade.
5. What should I do if I see the interface with a yellow exclamation mark during flashing Recovery?
This is mostly due to not using MIUI official recovery, the solution is as follows:
(1) Flash MIUI official recovery again and then you may choose automatic upgrade (recommended);
(2) Disable signature in recovery: click on “toggle signature verification” and change “signature check: Enabled” to Disabled;
6. What should I do if my phone cannot enter the system after flashing, just continually reboots?
In this case, just wipe data.
7. Does MIUI ROM support APP2SD and APP2EXT?

MIUI ROM supports APP2EXT. If you partition the SD card into EXT3, MIUI will automatically open APP2SD.
8. If I’ve flashed MIUI ROM, can I flash back to the official ROM again?Yes, you can. MIUI ROM special recovery does not restrict other ROMs. Please turn on the signature verification before flashing a new ROM.
9. When downloading MIUI ROM, should I download the update package or a full package?
Full package: suitable for flashing for the first time, or flashing from other ROM into MIUI ROM. Please follow the flashing course to operate.
Update package: suitable for users who have installed MIUI ROM to quickly upgrade. Please select the correct update package. For example, if you update from version 1.3.5, you should download its corresponding update package.
Previous versions: if you run into problems while installing the latest version of MIUI ROM, you may try to download an earlier version.
If there are some problems with update package, you may also use the full package to upgrade (no need to wipe data.)
10. Do I need to wipe data if I use full package to upgrade?
If you have installed MIUI ROM, there would be no need to wipe data.