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Xiaomi smartphone salees may miss initial forecast ! may hit 73 million mark this year,

Back in March this year, Xiaomi Chairman Lei Jun said that the company is aiming to sell somewhere between 80 to 100 million smartphone units in 2015. However, it now looks like the five-year-old firm will miss the target this year.

According to a Chinese analyst, the final figure could be somewhere around 73 million. This came a day after Chairman Jun played down the 80 million target, saying that's not the first priority for the company. "What we care about the most is the rate of customer satisfaction," he had said.

Quarter-wise, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer sold 15 million units in Q1 2015, followed by 20 million and 18.5 million units in Q2 and Q3, respectively. This suggests that Q4 will see Xiaomi selling over 20 million handsets, making it the most successful quarter for the company.

Lei jun aims to make Xiaomi, the Sony of China with products across various categories with special focus towards smartphones, televisions, routers and so on. The company is not concerned about the sales, rather it wants to spread the concept of low-cost high-quality products across a number of segments.

Xiaomi is gearing up for competition at international levels with the launch of its much-anticipated smartphone Mi 5 sometime next year. The phone has been in the headlines in the past few weeks, owing to its superb specifications. It looks like, the time is not so far when Xiaomi will go global and give tough time to the so called big bran

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