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Xiaomi MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.12.10 Download update for Mi. REDMi phones

Here comes MIUI global beta ROM 5.12.10, are you ready? If you're already using the global beta ROM, you can open Updater app on your phone and update directly. Or you can find the download links below.

Note: Update for Redmi 2 is delayed. Please stay tuned for further news.

What is MIUI Global Beta ROM?
If this is the first time you hear about MIUI global beta release or your Xiaomi phone is on stable ROM and have never flashed your device before, please check the following link:

How to Update to MIUI 7?
1) If you're using MIUI global beta ROM, please open 'Updater' app on your phone and check for the update! 
2) This OTA has not been pushed for stable ROMs yet. So if you're using stable ROM, you need to download the ROM first and flash it by yourself. 

3) Or you can download the full ROM files in the thread and flash the ROM by yourself. To get some tips on how to flash your device, please refer to this link: or this thread How to Upgrade From MIUI 6 to MIUI 7 for All Devices!
4) Do remember to make a backup before flashing.

Recommendation Rate: 100%  (FYI)
We made a poll about this week's update. Super Moderators/Moderators/Intern Moderators/MIUI Beta Team Members/MIUI Porting Team Members/MIUI Resources Team Members/MIUI News Team Members/MIUI Fan Site Members/ MIUI Designer Team Members/ MIUI Device Team/ MIUI Photography Team Members who get daily update voted and strongly recommended you to flash this update. See more details.

Abishiek from MIUI Beta Team - Global said:
Highly Recommended.. hardly found any bug  !!

MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.12.10 Update Highlights
Cleaner supports adding apps to exception list in one press

MIUI 7 Global Beta ROM 5.12.10 Full Changelog[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
Fix - Status bar was black in some situations (12-08)

[Home screen]
Optimization - Home screen icons animated effects at unlocking (12-08)
Fix - Home screen crashed in some situations. (12-02)

Optimization - Allow virtual keys to vibrate in DND mode (12-07)

[File Explorer]
New - Double tapping top bar will go to the top of the page (12-08)
Optimization - 'Forgot password' option will show after entering wrong password for private folder repeatedly (12-02)
Optimization - A confirmation prompt will show before setting a folder as private (12-08)
Optimization - Optimized search function to show more information of search results (12-08)
Fix - Private folders could not be decrypted (12-08)

[Mi Drop]
Fix - Sometimes WiFi did not connect after files were sent (12-10)

New - Support adding apps to exception list in one press (11-30)

Download here
Mi Pad:

Redmi Note 2

Redmi 1S

Redmi Note 3G

Redmi Note 4G
Mi 3/ Mi 4

Mi 4i (5.12.17)
Mi Note:

Here're some screenshots for you!



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