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Xiaomi has hired an ex-senior official from Lenovo’s Laptop business

Thanks to the numerous leaks in the past couple of months,we know for sure that xiaomi is working on a new product, the Xiaomi laptop which will reportedly launch sometime early next year. Now, Lao Yao, the secretary general of the China Smartphone Alliance has just revealed a key development.
A few hours ago, he revealed via his Weibo page that Xiaomi has hired an ex-senior official from Lenovo’s Laptop business. This comes at a time when Xiaomi is preparing for the launch of its first laptop.
Given the immense experience of this senior official, Mr. Lao says that he could play a crucial role in the development and release of the product.Further, Lao adds that Xiaomi could also offer MIUI on this new laptop, which will mark the UI’s entry into the computer software industry.
However, we still don’t know whether we can expect a Windows 10 powered variant of the laptop as well.According to a previous report, Xiaomi’s Laptop will be quite different than the existing laptops available in the market. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the CEO of Inventec, Mr. Lee meant by this statement.
It could be customization in the software or even the design, but we will have to wait for more information to get some idea about the company’s plans.Well, with the new official on board the team, we can expect some great stuff from the company in the coming months.

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